Sonja Morgan On Ramona Singer’s Divorce: I Text Her All The Time


If anybody knows Ramona Singer, it’s her on-again, off-again BFF and RHONY co-star Sonja Morgan. Ramona has been in the middle of a divorce with her longtime husband, Mario, but Morgan is telling RumorFix the matter is too private to discuss with her friend. “Ramona and I are like sisters.” Sonja told RF. “We’re always going to be friends. We have our ups and downs like sisters do. Sometimes I wanna kill her, but I’ll always love her.”

As far as being there for Ramona through the most difficult times, Morgan said, “I text her all the time, so she knows I’m here for her. When it comes to something like this forget any differences. She’s my sister and if she needs me, I’m here. Nobody knows Ramona like I do. Nobody understands her like I do.”

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  1. OMG!! Ramona, are you freakin drunk on tonight’s episode??? You fuckin call Heather hypocrite and than scream at her that you never called her one. 5 minutes after you said it… You tell Kristen to stay out of others personal business…Again.. ARE HOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? What is wrong with you? You are up everyone’s Ass. You don’t go to a party because someone hurt your friends feelings. Lololol not involved in personal business? So Fuckin rude to Hearher. If they bailed on your party and never called. You would be giving them shit until the next century. No wonder your husband bailed. Too much drama! STOP!! Watch these episodes and learn from your mistakes(constantly) TAKE A ZANAX!!!!!!!

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