Sonja Morgan Opens Up About Her Dating Life!

On Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New York we saw Sonja Morgan go head to head with her ex-husband, attempting to get a settlement from her divorce. But what about her dating life? After three years of seeing artist Brian Farrell, Sonja broke up with him last year. So what does the future hold for Sexy Sonja’s dating life?

“I love being married, I love being single,” Sonja tells Celebuzz. “Right now I’m focused on my businesses,” the 48-year-old reveals. “Unless someone special comes along, I’m focused on being married to my house and my business.”

What qualities would that special someone have to have? “I want a man who’s smart, loves to brainstorm, and can keep up with me, because I go a mile a minute,” she reveals. “A sense of personal power is always good in a man,” Sonja explains. “But, he doesn’t have to be a financier. Confidence is always sexy. I want someone who’s engaging, confident and sexy.”

And for her future on The RHONY? “We’ve had a lot of good times and have enjoyed each other, even though you don’t always get to see that on TV,” she says. “It seems like it’ll be a hell of a Season 6.” Sonja has already signed on for season 6 of RHONY!

Tell Us- Do you want to see Sonja find love on the show?

Photo Credit: Bravo