Sonja Morgan Offers Ramona Support After Announcing Divorce From Mario


Last Thursday, Ramona Singer announced that she was leaving her husband of 27 years for good and now, Singer’s BFF Sonja Morgan is offering nothing but support for her friend.

“No matter what happens, I’m always there to support Ramona,” Morgan told RadarOnline. “She knows I’m here for her when she needs me.”

Morgan hopes that viewers understand Ramona needs privacy as she grieves the loss of Mario.

“And at the same time, what’s her business is her business,” Morgan said. “And I know she wants to keep what’s between her and Mario private. I hope that everyone can respect that because what we share on the show, Ramona is always very open to discussion. But what’s not on the show, is not open to discussion.”

Radar asked Sonja if she thinks Ramona made the right decision by leaving Mario.

“The only one who can make that decision is Ramona,” Morgan said. “I can only be here to support her and want her to be happy, healthy, vibrant and contributing to the happiness of others.”

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4 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Offers Ramona Support After Announcing Divorce From Mario”

  1. If Ramona won’t talk about her divorce I wonder how she feels about Sonja giving interviews to radar online about it? Ha

  2. Yeh Ramona what you need now is the support of a very unstable Sonja Morgan who lives in never never land, has butterflies and birds and fairies running around her head…I feel bad for you but just get on with it already this affair has been going on for a long time now time to shake yourself off and get up.

  3. I think Sonja is being a great friend to Ramona, they’re on reality tv and they do get askes about sensitive things not on the show and I think in this instance Sonja gave no additional info and just stated her support for Ramona. Enough info to shut up the journalists without giving any real info on this situation. It’s well played

  4. If you don’t want to discuss the demise of your marriage, don’t go on reality tv or talk about other people marriages or husbands. I’m sure Luann and Heather would have appreciated the same privacy and respect you are demanding now.

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