Sonja Morgan and New RHONY Star Tinsley Mortimer Are Roommates?

According to a new report, Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan has a new roommate and it’s not her new boyfriend! It’s her longtime friend and new co-star Tinsley Mortimer.

“Tinsley just relocated back to New York from Palm Beach, and is now staying with Sonja,” a source reveals to RadarOnline. With Sonja’s daughter Quincy away at boarding school, Morgan’s “loving the company,” the insider adds. “Sonja thinks Tinsley is delightful!”

As we previously reported, Mortimer joined the cast of RHONY this fall after she was arrested in April for trespassing at the Palm Beach home of her ex-boyfriend.

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8 Replies to “Sonja Morgan and New RHONY Star Tinsley Mortimer Are Roommates?”

  1. How can Sonja have houseguests in the Winter with no heat? Or in the summer with no AC? Doesn’t she also not have hot water? Who would stay with her?

    1. That’s a long debunked rumor. One of her former interns from that season already confirmed that that was a botched repair situation that was later corrected, it just happened to make filming for the day and made for good tv. I doubt Quincy’s father or other family members would have the child living in a home with no heat or hot water when she’s home from school, a person wouldn’t be able to survive a full winter in a townhouse that age and size with no heat.

      1. Sonja herself said that there were problems with the hot water that she couldn’t afford to fix and the heat works but she can’t afford to turn it up so she and Lu were standing around in her kitchen wearing furs. I can only assume that she also would not cool the house to a comfortable level in the Summer. I think the reason Sonja loans out Quincy’s room is because she doesn’t stay there often because of the issues with the house.

        1. The outfits, in my view as a person who loves a good Grey Gardens, Sex In the City, or Truman Capote reference was purely for amusement and jokingly playing to archetype. The girls winked, and the rest of those who appreciated it… caught the joke. Beyond that, Sonja’s debt is long paid off and any money she’s made as of Spring 2015 is hers according to court documents. But again an ex-assistant has long revealed after filming that season, that was a temporary botched situation with them playing it up for her “slip on the banana peel” persona for the cameras, otherwise she and the others wouldn’t have worked there under such conditions. There are plenty of other internships to be had in Manhattan that don’t require you work in buildings without heat or hot water and that may in fact be against the law. Furthermore, you can’t leave a northeastern home unheated and/or without some degree of running hot water for an entire winter, your pipes will burst at later time once in use, and you will flood your home, destroy your floors, have water seeping through your walls, which will cause black mold on TOP of everything else and then you can’t live there at all.

          As for Quincy, she is not home because like many children from those old guard families, she has been in boarding school for most of her life…like many an heiress of one of the richest Captain of Industry- Master of the Universe bloodlines in the United States. Though her mother is her primary parental custodian, I doubt her paternal family, or particularly the family courts of New York would place her in a situation as a minor where she has to live in the shivering, freezing cold. Additionally in my view, New York is just one of those strange metropolis cities where people will often take on roommates to add to their money pot AND combat loneliness…and for the cost of ANY New York rent I don’t know anyone who would live in a flat with no heat in winter..not even in the Bronx in a $1500 a month rat trap only big enough for you to lie flat on your back on the floor. Wanting to keep heat down, being frugal to the point of killing yourself and everyone around you for a couple hours a day, I get that. But no heat at all, I doubt it. I also don’t see Tinsley Mortimer living in that kind of environment.

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t see this comment before, I literally just burst out laughing!

      She was fooling around with one of the Fanjul heirs: they’re the Lebanese-Cuban family that controls all the sugar in the US. I read something about her arrest in one of my Harper’s Bazaars. I wish i could remember which issue, maybe one of the early all/winter ones.

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