Sonja Morgan Insists Ramona Singer is “Miserable”

The feud between Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer finally cooled down on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, but just as they patched things up, Sonja Morgan seemed to bring on the drama with Singer.

Sonja decided to confront Ramona about the happy “act” she was putting on in her life since her split with her ex-husband Mario. “I want you to admit you’re not happy like you say,” a drunk Morgan told her friend.

“I’m happy!” Singer insisted, but the episode quickly showed the infamous “to be continued” line.

Earlier in the episode Morgan even told Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill that Ramona was trying to work on herself, but at the core was “miserable.”

“She’s trying — she’s looking at herself, she really is. She’s reflecting,” Sonja told the girls. “Ramona’s miserable right now and she says she’s happy right now but she’s not.”

“Showing off and saying, ‘I have this guy and that guy’ doesn’t make us think she’s happy,” Morgan continued. “That house of hers in the Hamptons? The walls are paper thin… [and] her and Mario had sex every night. She was happy in that marriage cause when that woman’s getting banged, she’s happy.”

Morgan echoed the same sentiment to Ramona when she confronted her. “You were having great sex every night. You were so happy,” she said. “Of course you had your quirks — you’re not perfect. And now you said you’re happy and you’re happy without Mario? I don’t believe it. You don’t go from getting banged every night to getting nothing.”

“I was there. I was in the room next door,” Sonja continued. “That must be hard not getting banged every night. It’s hard. It’s hard to be alone.”

Morgan added, “Mario is like a sledgehammer. She has to stop with this fake sh*t.”

Singer admitted that she and Mario used to have sex “like three or four times” a week. “I was very fortunate. It was pretty damn good,” she said. “That’s what my therapist said — she was like, ‘No one has this kind of sex after even three years of marriage.’ [But] what do you want me to do? I miss Mario but it’s not there anymore. I have to go on. So it doesn’t make sense to talk about what I had.”

“The fact that Ramona’s putting on that front is making her act out,” Sonja told viewers. “That’s her childhood behavior I’ve seen over and over again. She’s not happy.”

But Ramona was all smiles during the episode as she finally made peace with Bethenny. “I’m trying everything here, let’s face it. Sideways, upside down, left and right. I’ll stand on my head. I just want it to be back to what it was, for Christ’s sakes,” Singer told viewers. “I feel like I can never win. Not that I want to win. Unless she’s sick and she doesn’t have that sharp edge, then she’s nice to me. But as soon as she’s healthy, then she snaps at me like a turtle. Snap snap snap!”

But Ramona apologized to Bethenny again, insisting she had no issues with her. “I’m sorry — I don’t know why I keep picking on you and saying things. It just gets worse and worse and worse and snowballs,” she said. “I don’t know why I’m embarrassing myself with you all the time.”

An emotional Bethenny responded, “I’ve never in my life felt swings like this. I’ve never had someone be so terrible to me and then just be like pleasant to be around. You gotta work on the middle. Start being a nice person that people want to be around so that you’re not someone that people just tolerate. You got to do a lot better.”

Do you agree with Sonja?

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4 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Insists Ramona Singer is “Miserable””

  1. I agree that Ramona is not happy as she says, however Sonja isn’t either. They both are desperate to convince not only each other, but the viewers too. They BOTH needs rehab. Specially Sonja how do you transion from a Morgan to what ever she is.

  2. Sonja, I’m truly disappointed that you are such great friends w/Ramona when you’re together but you talk behind her back when she’s not next to you. Just because Bethany is having an issue w/Ramona you jump on the band wagon & pile on. Be an empathic, understanding friend & listen. I guess it’s Ramona’s year to be picked on again. I feel bad for her. She’s trying to discover herself w/o Mario & thank goodness! It’s not been that long. Sonja you talked about your x-husband for years! Give up a little bit people stop judging and start empathizing.

  3. Well, it’s clear to see this year is Sonja’s payback to Ramona for how she’s thrown her under the Ramonacoaster for the last two years in order to sit with the cool kids…and Sonja’s also having quite a time having someone to bully in Tinsley since she is usually the weakest link in the group. I don’t like this Sonja, she’s trying on Gossipy Mean Girl Pants and I don’t like the look. I want my 1930s Screwball back. Anhow, at least the trip is fun. When Romona and her pizza pie face are not looking like she took two shots of tequila with adderall these girls have actually been cracking me up: Luann and the bushes, Ramona with the mummified face on the helicopter… now I just need Dorinda’s annual drunk vacation scene with flailing arms next week and then I’m good, lol.

  4. What kills me about Ramona ( everything ) is that the length of her 18 year marriage has become 25, 20 and now 30!! Mario started having the affair soon after, if not before that 17th year renewal. So, they were married 18 years, NOT THIRTY as she screams at Bethenny.

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