Sonja Morgan And Harry Dubin Fake Relationship For RHONY Cameras?


This week on RHONY we watched as Harry Dubin gave Sonja Morgan a ring to show his love for her, but according to a new report, the scene was staged by Morgan and BFF Ramona Singer.

US Weekly reports that Sonja “completely faked her ‘proposal’ to Harry Dubin on the show. In fact, the ring Dubin presented at Carole Radziwill’s 50th birthday bash belonged to Ramona’s mother-in-law!”

Viewers might recall that Dubin explained to Morgan that the ring meant “I love you” and would take their relationship “to the next level.” Dubin also assured Sonja, “this isn’t your engagement ring—that will be a better ring.”

“Ramona and Sonja came up with the proposal idea,” the source reveals. “When Ramona got to the party, she got the ring from Mario and gave it to Sonja, who gave it to Harry so they could stage the proposal. After they shot it, Sonja gave the ring back to Ramona. It was only for the scene.”

In next week’s episode, the source adds, Morgan is seen wearing an entirely different so-called “promise ring.”

“He only pretended he was with Sonja in front of the cameras, like an actor. They were not really together,” says the insider.

Photo Credit: Bravo