Sonja Morgan Being Forced To Sell Her NYC Town Home?


Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan has made it clear she has had her share of financial struggles, and now RadarOnline is reporting Ms. Morgan may have to sell her NY Townhome. Hannibal Pictures sued Morgan for failure to raise money for a film involving John Travolta, and the reality TV star was forced to file for bankruptcy because of the $7 million judgement, which reached a staggering $8.5 million total with interest and attorneys’ fees included.

Sonja hoped to have the judgement thrown out on a minor legal technicality, and the judge not only upheld the financial settlement, but gave Hannibal Pictures an additional year to enforce a lien on Morgan’s earnings and assets. On December 17th, 2013, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rita Miller signed off on the lien being extended until January of 2015.

Hannibal Pictures can proceed and collect the $8.5 million judgement from Morgan and force her to sell her house.

Photo Credit: Bravo