Sonja Morgan Fights Ex-Husband’s Claim That She Owes Him $6.2 Million


Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is heading to court to demand that a judge dismiss her ex-husband John Morgan’s lawsuit, which claims she owes him $6.2 million dollars! According to court documents, Sonja explains that during proceedings in her bankruptcy case, her 83-year-old ex filed claims for $3.5 million for his share of their Colorado property, $1 million he said he spent maintaining that property and an additional $1,778,000 he believed he was owed from their French estate.

In the court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Sonja points out that the final order in their divorce specifically states that she is only to pay half of the mortgage debt on their Colorado home and that she owes her ex nothing relating to that property. Sonja also states that a judge awarded her 99.9% interest in their French estate after it was determined John gifted her the property during their marriage.

Sonja also claims that her ex-husband rented out their French estate for years and never paid her a dime of the money he collected. And as part of their divorce, she claims she never received the $3 million dollars owed to her in a lump sum and that the amount has now ballooned to $4 million due to interest.

A federal court hearing has been scheduled for January to determine if Sonja must pay her ex.

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9 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Fights Ex-Husband’s Claim That She Owes Him $6.2 Million”

  1. Her ex is a real douche! He knows she’s having financial issues and he thought this would help? He has more money than he knows what to do with and he’s trying to screw the mother of his daughter. Sing it LuAnn…Money Can’t Buy You Class!!

    1. Why should he have to pay her? She was a gold digger who didn’t give two shits about him until he cut her off financially. Maybe she should start living within her means and stop trying to keep up the Jones’.

  2. He is a jerk. He is worth $100 Million, left her for another woman, tried to leave her with very little (comparatively) in the divorce and he knows she is struggling.

    1. True she could have gotten a fair settlement and frittered it away. I don’t think she MEANS to be frivolous, I think she just isn’t very wise or smart about money. And probably has been taken care of most of her life. But John, her ex, has a notorious reputation for being stingy. Just saying. And he did tie up her alimony payment for years do there is that.

  3. Throw it back at him…he owes you for the crap he’s put you and YOUR GOOD NAME thro
    ugh…the bankster basturd. Trying to use Sonja….the mother of his daughter…to launder $$ he’s trying to hide from the feds. Go Sonja…for all of us “little” peeps…shame on him he went too far! Don’t expect that black hearted mf to be decent. He has a nice warm bed awaiting him somewhere…and some of his sicophant lawyers have even warmer beds in the same room. Maybe Apollo could be his roomie?! “Too big to jail?” Disgusting pig.

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