Sonja Morgan: Everyone Will See I Have My Life Together And Am Not Crazy


Sonja Morgan has been through the ringer in this season of the Real Housewives of New York City with her cast members’ concern of her drinking. They have had numerous conversations with and without Sonja before and during their vacation in the Turks and Caicos and it seems that she has just had enough of everyone’s commentary. She wrote two Bravo Blogs this week expressing her feelings of what the ladies have had to say about her and how she feels about the situation.

“Again in this episode, we see my supposed “friends” are missing no opportunities to bash me both personally and professionally. At least I was able to make it out relatively unscathed at Luann’s launch party. But of course the women had to get in a little dig about my body. What can I say? The men love that I’ve gained a little bit of a booty, so I’m not complaining! Like I said, I stay very thin just to fit the sample sizes I borrow for my appearances and charity work. Soon I will have my Sonja Morgan New York pieces in my size! I’m just pleased I can still fit a model’s sample!
Ramona couldn’t hear anything at that party. First she thought that I was being dosed with cyanide and then she couldn’t understand the waiter when he told us what we were eating. Sometimes it feels like people are trying to give me cyanide in this group, but I’m happy to report that at that particular a moment an eligible guy was checking my booty out! Ramona and I had fun that night. This looks more like the old Sonja and Ramona. Don’t worry, no matter what happens, Ramonja will always be alive and well.
Which of course brings me to the grab-a-room debacle of 2015! First, though, I must say that the Bella Vista Villa was everything I had expected it to be and more! The villa was a gorgeous backdrop to all of the craziness that happened during this trip. In regards to the room situation, Ramona and I were just being silly and trying to have a little fun. We are both children at heart and meant no ill intent. Ramona and I would need the biggest room as usual, because we share. I was just bummed I didn’t get my bathtub. BTW, if Ramona really thought I was so bad and irresponsible, she wouldn’t want to room with me. Of course Ramona wants to room with me. We always go off to bed before the other die-hard partiers. We can’t keep up! Though Lu really trys to keep me up.

To a certain extent, everyone just needs to let Ramona be Ramona. We will all have a much better time on this vacation if we can just accept everyone else’s faults and remember that we all have a few of our own. I always stick up for her when we are in close quarters and she gets noticed.

Of course Ramona made that man unpack her suitcase! Usually she makes me unpack that thing with her and then leaves!

While I am glad that Ramona and I are spending more time together, I am also upset that she isn’t taking the time to stand up for me. When Ramona was talking about how hard it was being in Turks and Caicos since her relationship ended with Mario, I completely got it. Ramona and I go back decades, and I inately know what’s going on in her life, she cannot fool me with the strong face she’s putting up, but Ramona seems to be taking my friendship for granted. One minute she’s telling me how close we are and next she’s badmouthing me to the other girls at dinner.

Ramona even brought up that ridiculous situation with Luann’s friend. I can’t believe that these women are trying to say that I “don’t remember” things that happen when I drink. I remember that situation perfectly! I was at a party, and I thought that I saw one of my close gay friends across the room. So I say to the girls around me, “Oh that’s my friend, isn’t he cute?” Then Luann’s friend said no that’s not your guy, that’s my fiancé. I simply mistook this man to be one of my friends She said that I “tried to do him,” because I was so excited when I originally saw him. This girl has been trying to break into our group for a long time, and while she’s a nice girl, I think that she would say anything to be relevant with my group of girlfriends.

Ramona with the floaties and me with the inflatable whale is classic Ramonja and hilarious! I start off this trip trying to stay away from the sharks, and I ended up on a whale.
Between my blue sparkle dress and Ramona’s fishnet maxidress, I feel like Ramona and I look like the absolutely fab couple from England. Too funny. That interaction with Bethenny was almost as frustrating to have as it was to watch. I am not looking to take advice from any of these girls. I’d go crazy! I don’t think that any of these girls are in any place to give me advice. I have professionals–doctors, lawyers, therapists–who I listen to and whose advice I am interested in. Last time I checked, no one in this group is a certified therapist, even though Heather seems to think that she is. Bethenny hasn’t been around for the last few years, so she doesn’t really know if these girls are just making things up or if I really am delusional. Delusional means to make up things that are not true. I don’t lie. She will see that these girls have no idea what they are talking about. For example, a few years ago the girls were all saying that I was going to lose my house. Ramona said the bank had the house? What bank? It makes no sense. But guess who’s still in their house? Sonja Morgan. So clearly these girls do not really know what they’re talking about. They also said I was not focused and all over the place with jewelry, swimwear, and fashion, and I am selling like hot cakes. So I really need to take their comments and broad stroke advice with a grain of salt.

I don’t know what they were all talking about at dinner with regards to my sobriety and my mental health. Luann is the one who drags me around like a old suitcase and never wants me to go home even as friends fight with her to let me go. Heather was saying that she didn’t want anyone to be enabling me, but she likes to go out with me. These girls are clearly not really worried about me, because they are all talking about me behind my back instead of really trying to help me. If they were really concerned they wouldn’t be talking about me to the whole world, they would be coming to me and trying to make a difference in my life. If I really was having a hard time, how would them talking about me all the time actually help me?

Everyone will see that I am not crazy and that I have my life together. My collection is selling like crazy, I’m out of my chapter 11, my family is prospering, and I truly could not be happier. I wish that these girls could celebrate this happiness with me, but just because they aren’t supportive doesn’t mean that I’m not going to keep being Sonja Morgan. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sonja also continued to share her thoughts in a separate blog,

“Everyone has a breaking point, and I hit mine during the trip to Turks and Caicos. The emotions you saw in this last episode had been building up inside me for the entire season. Hearing that my “good friends” Ramona and Bethenny had been talking about me behind my back added fuel to the bullsh– fire started by Heather. This was the last straw for the straw that stirs the drink. Add that to that the hypocrisy of it all and you get an upset Sonja freaking out on the beaches of Jerks and Chaos. I really pride my self in not lowering my standard by screaming like the girls, or slinging mud but enough is enough.

There are too many contributing factors to count that led to my explosion, but let’s start with the fact that I planned this whole trip for these ladies, and they decide to take this moment to attack my character just as they did in Atlantic City. I had been turning the other cheek all year, and I had decided to be the bigger person by inviting all of the women to celebrate the end of my chapter 11 with me. This trip was supposed to be a wonderful moment in my life where I invited all of my girls to enjoy a monumental moment in my life. They just can’t be happy for me and feel the need to continuously try to keep me down. But despite their negativity, I am still in my house, raising a beautiful, smart daughter, and flourishing professionally. I am THE poster child for not letting the naysayers and mudslingers get you down. Keep your eye on the ball is my motto!

I cannot believe that conversation between Bethenny and Ramona! Watching the two of them coming together to express concern for my well-being–while not discussing the issues with me–was shocking. They both continuously said that they were concerned for me and that I have a drinking problem. I thought I dispelled this rumor in Atlantic City. Ever since then they keep throwing it in my face. These girls need to come up with some new material. Yes girls, you saw me in Atlantic City blow off a little steam (nearing the end of my Chapter 11 and dealing with them putting me down), but that does not mean that I have a problem. The girls should take a minute to reevaluate their own relationships with alcohol before insinuating that I cannot drink responsibly.

Ramona knows me very well, which is why I am so hurt hearing her say to Bethenny that I am my own worst enemy. She is validating what the other girls are saying when she knows very well that I am a responsible person. She even said when we were alone that the other girls have no idea what they’re talking about! And yet when she is talking to Bethenny, she gives a completely different story. That was tough to watch.
None of the girls are blameless in this situation, but I can see now that I shouldn’t have only blown up at Bethenny on the beach. At the time, I was under the impression that Bethenny was talking about me disparagingly to Ramona. Now I see that the street ran both ways. If these girls really cared about me, they would not act like this. It is reckless and unfeeling. With Ramona and Bethenny, the friendship is real, but the delivery was bad. I was left feeling attacked and vulnerable. I need to keep in mind it’s just this click who behaves like this.

Ramona and Bethenny seemed to have a real connection about their problems in their marriages, which reminds me that they are going though their own personal issues and that I should cut them some slack, but I don’t feel like they are giving me the same treatment! They were not thinking about my personal issues when they were talking about me to the whole world.

Some of the girls felt some remorse for the way they treated me, which was nice to see, but I think they really just missed me, the fun one, on the boat (that I arranged with my friend Mary Lou the publisher of Turks and Caicos Discover Magazine, thank you very much!). Saying sorry after doesn’t take the damage away. Maybe we could have all enjoyed the boat if they thought it through!
I can’t believe that I missed the girls pouring ice water on Ramona! At this point, I wish I could pour some ice water on all of them.

Of course I’m not going to let this bump in the road ruin our entire vacation. The girls needed to hear how I was feeling and then respect the boundaries that I needed to impose. I needed to set some ground rules. Once that distinction had been made, I was happy to have a good time, but I won’t be partying with these girls. Not since Atlantic City. I’ll just be sipping my wine or champagne. They are not to be trusted.

Dorinda was right to say that these girls all keep score. She may be new to the group, but she seems to have figured them out very well. I am grateful to Dorinda for being a stand-up gal by saying that the other girls need to lay off me and let me run my life. I always stick up for whoever is getting picked on. I really feel Ramona is the worst in not stepping up to the plate. None of these girls really know me well in my business world, but at least Ramona knows I don’t have a problem, and she should be the last person to point a finger. She definitely should look at her own issues.

I didn’t understand Dorinda’s fight with Heather at all. One minute we were going to the amazing restaurant Fire and Ice–by the way I hope you all noticed that I was bringing the fire with that bright red dress–and the next minute she and Heather are in a screaming match. And about what? Honestly at that point, I was just glad not to be the center of attention.

I do think that by the end Bethenny understood that the girls needed to lay off me. The hundred-dollars-if-you-talk-about-Sonja rule was funny and should always be in effect. I was glad to see that the women were donating to charity–at least something good came of them talking about me! Bethenny also expressed remorse multiple times, which I appreciate. But she’s an intense person and during that trip it became too much for me. I’m not used to people communicating like that as much as I try to understand where they are coming from. The stress started to affect all of the women, and now Bethenny and Ramona are fighting! I need a vacation from this vacation. I wish I could say that the rest of this trip is drama-free, but there is always a new argument around every corner with these chickens in the hen house! Stay tuned to see what other craziness the ladies and I get involved with in Turks and Caicos. And remember, nice never works with these people.”

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15 Replies to “Sonja Morgan: Everyone Will See I Have My Life Together And Am Not Crazy”

  1. Sonja is odd….and kinda wacky. All those interns… finding her phone in her clogged up toilet…the toaster oven recipes…the men…and the way too drunk moments… and it makes her a very easy target. She also focuses on what appears to be the least relevant thing in every situation…and is easily spun around by these alphas. But I see a glimmer of hope here and much prefer this version of Sonja than the sweet and very tipsy one they all like to chew on. None of these women should be outing her stuff on film, they are violating girl code, and she should continue to return the favor…no holds barred. I hope she shreds them at Reunion and goes after Ramona for tolerating Mario’s cheating for years, Bethenny’s inability to maintain a relationship, LuAnn for screwing around while married…and whatever else she knows. I sure as hell would.

  2. OMG. It is a study in poor me. Maybe if she owned up to the having to be carried home just once, they would lay off. Most friends just want to know they have been heard, not dismissed. I do believe she writes her own blog. On and on and on. Her lifestyle with the interns and all is kinda interesting tho, and I, for one, am glad she is on the show.

  3. I like Sonja, but does she need to write a book in her blog? I just could not be bothered. Accept one another or move on people.

  4. Sonja is quirky and fun, and probably a little nuts. But it’s endearing and I don’t think she’s malicious. It’s about time she noticed that Ramona is just a nasty human being.

  5. Sonja, first let me say that I love you and your Sonja Morgan New York website. Your mohair contrast shift dress is beautiful- very nice designs.

    One bit of advice…I recommend that you add a communications or PR professional (not an intern) to your staff and let them take a whack at these blogs! You are obvs talented and smart – your blogs should mirror that.

    Best of luck moving into the exciting next phase of your life! You are the most real housewife on the show. Continue to keep being you and trust your gut!

  6. Sonja has every sign of alcoholism and really should go to rehab before she comes to a bad end.

    Also, I hope she stops the ludicrous outlays of cash to go into businesses that she knows nothing about. She will lose every time and end up with nothing at all.

    Finally, I hope someone puts a stop to the “intern” nonsense. Students have no business getting college credit for merely running errands for some woman who does nothing but go about putting on airs. There’s no business going on there, it’s more like babysitting. All that said, she’s hilarious when getting loaded with Ramona.

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