Sonja Morgan Dishes On RHONY Season 6


Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is dishing on the new season, which premieres March 11th on Bravo. Sonja reveals the ladies come back in full swing, where we will be seeing a different side of the new girls from last year. She says Aviva, Heather and Carole definitely have less patience this season. Morgan reveals the women will be going on a trip out west, and dishes if she will ever release her famous toaster oven.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We’re excited for the show to come back! Tell us a little more about what we can expect from the new season.

Sonja: This season, out of the gate, we were off and running. There’s a total 180 on the new girls who were all nicey-nicey last year. This year you see their other side. They don’t have the patience they had last year. But you always see that with the newcomers, they come on all balanced and then they lose their crap.

Was there any fallout from the reunion when everyone was upset with Carole for the things she said in her confessionals?

I think, Carole, because she’s a writer, she’s used to doing it with her pen instead of to your face. That got a little annoying last season. This season I really respect her a lot more because it’s more to the face, and it’s in-scene, it’s not in the confessionals.

You can always expect the unexpected with reality TV because we don’t know how we’re going to react. We go into our scenes like “I’m so mad at so-and-so” or “I’m not talking to her,” and then after a couple of cocktails it changes. We all have our egos, we’re all very independent. And you just can’t keep us from holding our tongues, and that’s the problem. And especially for a trip away for a few days, it just adds up to TNT.

Speaking of trips, where are you all heading this season?

In the trailer, they show us going out West. You’ve got Carole shooting a gun, and I’m throwing a tomahawk. I’m rustling some cattle up. I’m also rustling up some men — and so is Carole.

Was Carole your wingwoman this season, since she’s recently single?

Ya, Carole and I. And LuAnn is always sort of a wingwoman because she’s single, even though she has a boyfriend. She’s not married.

And she’s single now after she broke up with Jacques, right?

Yes, she did announce that. It’s bittersweet, you know, I always said I didn’t think that was going to be a marriage. I said that right on camera last season. In the heat of the holiday chaos and a bad cocktail, I said “I love you, Jacques, but I love LuAnn more, and I think she shouldn’t lose any time.” So, I’m sad she’s not with him any longer, but I’m happy she can move on. Because it’s a big pond out there and LuAnn’s a beautiful woman, and she’s smart and she’s fun. She can have her pick of men.

Switching gears, I saw recently that you went to dinner with NeNe Leakes. What were you ladies chatting about?

NeNe is a smart lady and she has her s—t together. So whenever I get a minute with her, I like to chat her up and find out what’s going on in the business world of entertaining and reality.

Were you picking her brain for business ideas?

Not too much because she had her man with her, and they were relaxed and having a nice time. We were definitely just having a nice evening.

Speaking of business, do you have any projects of your own in the works this season?

Always. I just always continue to build my international fashion and lifestyle brand. I’ve studied what is my brand ID. I do have my logos together now, I have nine different logos ready to go. I forged a partnership with a showroom in the garment center and we’re looking for investors to grow it globally. And I continue to do my recipes with the toaster oven.

Will we be seeing more of the toaster oven this season?

I’m going more and more in the direction of fashion now, but I can’t get away from cooking and saving time — having more time with your family. Because that’s part of my lifestyle. No matter where I travel in the world — I don’t care if I’m in a 20,000 square foot home, or I’m visiting someone who lives in a trailer — I am entertaining, cooking, serving. Because food’s the way to a man’s heart, and food’s the way to take care of your children. So I can’t get away from it.

Photo Credit: Bravo