Sonja Morgan Dishes On Harry Dubin


Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her relationship with Harry Dubin. Sonja reveals why she thought it was the right time to give her relationship with Harry a shot and talks about the other drama on RHONY.

Sonja writes, “I didn’t think telling Aviva about what everyone said about her on the trip was going to spark a reaction. I wanted to her to be prepared. I wanted to tell Aviva that everyone was doubting her illness, and I felt that it wasn’t healthy and that she should be warned. What I have seen since St. Barth’s is Aviva making positive changes. The girls are not experts in the medical field nor in psychology. I feel that it should be left to Aviva’s doctors and other experts, which she’s been clearly advised by. Giving Aviva the head’s up would give her the strength and ammunition she would need to keep it together should a confrontation occur. Believe me, I have been there for all of their “concernings.” It doesn’t help you get ahead. In fact, it can set you back if you’re not strong-minded. The girl clearly has asthma, among other illnesses.

Now Harry and I are both single again. I’ve broken up with my boyfriend of three years, Brian, and ended my brief six months with Ben after Ramona’s meddling, and Harry’s three-year-relationship with the fabulous Georgia (who Aviva and I both adored) has ended. I thought “why not settle down and give it a go?” Harry and Aviva have finally settled their financial differences that I was so upset about at the last reunion, and I want nothing but happiness for Harry’s son, Harrison.

Ramona and LuAnn have a very special relationship. It’s very passive-aggressive. Why Ramona decided to badger LuAnn about not getting up to perform, I don’t know. Why does she ever badger LuAnn? LuAnn always gives a great performance with or without practice.

Ramona and I have always shared the bathroom — with or without Mario around. So when I said I’ve heard Mario sing in the shower, I wasn’t kidding. Mario’s performance was incredibly romantic and made me tear up. It’s wonderful to have tens of years of marriage together. I’m surprised the other girls said that it was too romantic. Nothing can be too romantic. I love LOVE!

I thought Heather’s performance was off the charts, but I wouldn’t say she’s a better singer than LuAnn. I think they are both great performers and I enjoy watching both of them and being a part of it.”

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5 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Dishes On Harry Dubin”

  1. What a load of bull, Sonja there is absolutely no comparison between Heather and LuAnn’s
    talent, as LuAnn has none. Nada, Zip, Big Zero.
    Now, who’s ass kissing!

  2. Come on Tippy canoe and tyler too ( I mean no pun) just could not resist.

    Tippy canoe and Sonja too she certainly did. Did you wonder why? Could it possibly have
    something to do with Harry? Where are you Binky?

  3. Sonja is just a creepy hooker in a nice dress and a bag with sharpie cover up. Harry Dubin is just as dumb as she is and he is a player. No way will he be true to sonja. He just wants a piece and she just wants money. Sonja’s says she has so much talent then why is she not making money at it? If she is such a wanted entertainer then why aren’t people screaming to see her. She is not talented at all. She is an exhibitionist. All thee businesses and things she says are her bread and butter where is the money?
    It’s already been known that Harry gives her a ring and then not to soon after he goes off with another woman. Who did not see that coming. Stop running around New York sleeping with any man who looks your way Sonja then MAYBE someone will take you seriously.

  4. Luann can’t sing and neither can Heather but then she doesn’t pretend she can. Mario sounded like a fog-horn – these people seem to have hugely inflated opinions of themselves. Carole is probably the most accomplished and Heather is a good business woman. Goodness knows how the other woman get their money – through their husbands I suspect. They are parasites who rely on men to provide lots of money so that they can waste it on trashy tarty clothes. The odd woman has some style but it is rare. Sonja is probably broke and will be on the hunt for another rich husband – she constantly flirts with every man – young old or decrepit – it matters not which!

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