Sonja Morgan Dishes On Her Boyfriend, Ben Benalloul


Even though Sonja Morgan, 50, is dating a 23 year-old, she is telling RumorFIx that she does not consider herself a cougar. Morgan’s boyfriend, Ben Benalloul, will be in the first episode of RHONY, and in the preview Heather Thomson says, “Sonja has as many men as she has interns and some of them are the same age.” But Morgan tells RF, ”When I look in the mirror, I see a young girl. My tits are firm and my a** is up! I don’t feel like a cougar.”

I think my boyfriend isn’t thinking I’m older,” she explains. “I think he’s thinking fun and exciting, good partner, we share information, grow together. He’s thinking jet setter, sexy Sonja, Saint Tropez, friend with a yacht, lunch on the Seine.”

So what draws Sonja to Ben? “He’s fun. He’s got a black card. He takes you to Paris,” she says, adding that her friends warn her, saying, “No you can’t do this?” but her attitude is, “How soon can I do this?”

But will Sonja ever settle down again? “I just can’t be exclusive right now,” Sonja says. “Just catch me if you can is what I say!”


Photo Credit: Bravo