Sonja Morgan Discusses Her Break-Up With Harry Dubin


Sonja Morgan let the cameras follow her relationship with Harry Dubin this season on RHONY and now Morgan is dishing on her break-up with Dubin.

“I was very touched when Harry gave me the ring and said that he wanted to commit,” Morgan tells RadarOnline. “I know Harry loves me and truly wants to work towards a serious and committed relationship. However, after he left the party and didn’t check on me to see if I wanted to go, or if he could drop me home safely, it was not showing me in any way that he was ready to work towards committing… ”

So Sonja decided to break-up with Harry. “It was hard for me to meet with him at the restaurant and tell him this because I know he comes from a genuine place, but as I said to him at the party when he gave me the ring, ‘Have you really thought this through?” she said.

“There is a lot of responsibility that goes along with commitment,” Morgan explained. “I know Harry had recently broken it off with his long-term girlfriend, so he had been hinting at this for a while.”

“He knows I’m ripe on the vine for a serious relationship now,” she said. “My daughter is 14 years old now and she’s thriving in school. I sold my house in France. I’m building my companies and everything’s going my way, so I feel secure now that I can be a full partner in a relationship.”

“When I gave the ring back, to see his heart drop on his face, was very difficult for me,” she said. “Because I love Harry and I will always love him and commitment is another thing.”

“Harry says, ‘Never say never,’” she said. “[But] at this point I don’t see a future with Harry in a serious committed way.”

Photo Credit: Bravo