Sonja Morgan Desperate To Save New York Townhouse


According to new court documents obtained by RadarOnline, RHONY star Sonja Morgan is desperate to save her Manhattan townhouse and her lawyers are challenging a creditor’s plans to get paid back sooner rather than later.

Morgan is objecting to Hannibal Inc’s plan to liquidate all of her assets, including selling off her New York City townhouse. The company wants to get paid the $8.1 million they are due before any other creditor sees a dime.

Sonja has her own plan to clean up her finances. Morgan suggests all creditors be paid 80 percent of what they are owed, which would include 62 percent of her debt when a judge approves the plan and the remaining 1.56 million over the next ten years.

Morgan points out that she has money tied up in a Colorado home and that some funds could come from her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, who reportedly owes her a large sum of money. She also reveals she has $1 million in savings and another $4.5 million in earnings from the sale of her French estate.

A judge has yet to accept the proposal.

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4 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Desperate To Save New York Townhouse”

  1. I enjoy her goofy ways, but I’m getting a little tired of people that live higher on the hog than they can afford and then requesting a “discount” after the fact.

    1. Sonia in debt has nothing to do with living above her means. She got financially eaten by a Hollywood production company quite aptly a company called hannibal. Due to bad investment choices.

  2. She is fun to watch sometimes. I watched her talking to TMZ and she was hammered.
    She seems to live above her means and owes a lot of money. I think it’s time she downsizes everything.

  3. I think the problem with Sonja is that she never adjusted to living as a woman without being supported by a man. Then she made some bad financial decisions – the movie investment that really really hurt her and ate up a lot of what she had. That coupled with her delusional “business practices” have crippled her. She just keeps running away from reality hoping against hope that some magic fairy (or rich man) will bail her out- but one thing she cany seem to do is sit down and actually WORK… She just runs around like a frenzied rabbit hopping from one thing to another never seeing ONE thing to completion. It’s not funny, it’s sad and pathetic, because she’s drowning and she refuses to grab on to the life preservers all around her. She seems like she drinks too much too- it’s easier to pretend that way I guess. Good luck Sonja. But like millions of others you may have to get a real job for once in your life.

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