Sonja Morgan Dating 23 Year-Old Benjamin Benalloul?


Real Housewives of New York Star Sonja Morgan was seen at a charity event with a new beau, and RadarOnline reports he is a 23-year-old real estate developer and manager named Benjamin Benalloul. “Sonja and Benjamin came in together, sat next to each other, and left together,” their table mate Tom Murro told Radar.

Tom reports Sonja, who is 49 years-old, was acting very “coy” about the relationship and wouldn’t actually admit that Benjamin is her boyfriend, but that this wasn’t the first time they’ve been out together.

BB“Sonja and Benjamin have been to dinners before but this was the first public event that they attended together, even though they didn’t take any pictures with each other on the red carpet.”

“Benjamin told me they met at a cigar bar called Macanudo,” Tom reveals.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instaweb


2 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Dating 23 Year-Old Benjamin Benalloul?”

  1. Reality TV is nothing close to reality. Bravo doing million dollar listing NY and is playingthis all up. All lies
    And real estate developer is not a reality. This poor kid couldnt pass his couldnt pass his broker license test and paid to get it done unfortuantely just like the younger brother who was arrested in the SAT cheating scandal on Long Island last year. Poor Ben has learning disabilities and is incapable of writing a cohesive sentence let alone being a real estate developer though his uber rich mother pay to try and set him up in a business – paid to have his stomach stapled (check it out – he was 300 poinds 15 months ago)) and took back her dirt bag persian loser of a husband who cheated on her with a 25 year old & somehow she took that back. The benalloul household is nothing but disfunction trying to look good. if anyone deserves that its Sonja – a matcha made in uber rich hell

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