Sonja Morgan Challenges Her RHONY Co-Stars To Film Show Sober

Sonja Morgan has had a bumpy ride on her run on The Real Housewives of New York City and she’s speaking out about it all in a new interview. Sonja admits she has regrets from her time on the show, but challenges her cast mates to film a season sober.

“I can never get over it these women, they just keep coming at me with new drama,” Morgan said.

“I do have regrets about doing the show sometimes I say to myself ‘Do I really want to do another season,’ but if Bravo wants to continue to work with me then that is fine. It has given me independence and an additional way to take care of my daughter,” she told Page Six.

As filming is currently underway for season nine, Sonja reveals that this year’s cast trip is anything but relaxing. “The downside of the show is when we do a trip and the ladies drink too much. Those situations can be pressure cookers. When I see those liquor bottles come out I start to do a mental countdown,” Morgan teased. “I stopped drinking because last season they said that I had a drinking problem. But I would like to see them quit and do the show sober let’s see how they like it.”

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5 Replies to “Sonja Morgan Challenges Her RHONY Co-Stars To Film Show Sober”

  1. Dear Sonya is missing the whole point if she quit drinking only to prove she can for the girls & the cameras. I don’t care if it’s the culture in NYC to get wasted at parties, that’s a generational (youthful) thing in my mind…and she’s not 21 anymore. She’s gotta understand that her behavior when she drinks puts her in high risk situations, is physically unhealthy, and is a threat to her livelihood. She’s a problem drinker at the very least and perhaps even for her daughter’s sake her mother should never drink again. She still has time to show her that you can change for the better at any point in your life. I wish Sonja well I do she’s got a good heart.

    1. Never drink again?? Come on now, she’s not turning into a Mormon! This show is all about having fun. Her daughter is grown – Sonja should be able to do as she pleases. Do your thing Sonja!

        1. “Do I have it”? Who are you the big, fat mafia? If you don’t like it block me but until then I’ll reply to whomever I wish, got it?

  2. Hi Freedom girl it’s good to see you. I would agree with that but I see Sonja as white knuckling this no drink zone of hers. I think she’s trying to save face and that she has an alcohol issue she needs to see about. She’s the type I feel that can’t keep it to one drink comfortably at all, ever.

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