Sonja Morgan Calls Out Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer on Twitter


Sonja Morgan was excluded from the girl’s trip to the Berkshires in this week’s episode of the RHONY and she shared her thoughts on Twitter while the episode aired Wednesday night.

Dorinda thought it would be best because of the tension in the group, especially Morgan’s issues with Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel that it would be best if she didn’t go on the getaway. Sonja mostly took offense to the comments that she’s vulnerable and it would be better for her to have one-on-one time with Dorinda, away from alcohol and the other ladies. “I don’t need [D]orinda to protect me from my friends that I know longer than her,” Sonja tweeted.

Dorinda explained herself on Twitter. “This is coming from a place of kindness… From a place of kindness!!!! And protectiveness and concern and love @SonjatMorgan,” she wrote.

After Sonja’s heated discussion with Bethenny about her Tipsy Girl liquor line earlier this season, she said her disinvitation was a sign that Dorinda had chosen Bethenny’s side in the spat. “Not nice to “protect” me from @bethenny,” Sonja wrote. “She wasn’t even mad anymore. Not cool to ice me out.”

“Not choosing sides, I just know a storms a brewing and I’m playing smart @SonjatMorgan,” Dorinda wrote.

Bethenny confirmed that she didn’t ask Dorinda to not invite Sonja to the Berkshires. “For the record I told [Dorinda] to invite whoever she wants & that it’s her house,” she tweeted. “I don’t dictate someone else’s list.”

However, Dorinda said she still thinks she made the right decision. “And considering how the trip plays out I stand by every decision I made,” she tweeted.

Whose side are you on? Comment below.

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  • Brenda

    I think Dorinda was in the wrong. She is fairly new to the group and Sonja has been around forever! I think that if she didn’t invite anyone it should have been Betheny.

  • Suze☕️

    Are these adult women or silly schoolgirls? I liked NY last season but have had to give up this season!

    • starr

      ITA +++ Suze.

  • PJ

    Dorinda was the hostess and had the right to invite or dis-invite anyone she wanted.

    That being said, she shouldn’t try to make herself feel better by making up excuses for dis-inviting Sonja. Look after yourself, Dorinda. Stop using Sonja as a diversion.

    I wonder if Ramona was behind it?

  • OSusieQ

    I think Dorinda was actually “protecting” herself. She didn’t want to fool with all the crap between Bethenny, Ramona, and Sonja. It all kind of backfired anyway, since Bethenny came in, guns blazing, and decided she would vent her frustration on Luann, and Dorinda’s little get together wound up being a fightfest anyway.

  • Just Saying

    I’m not on a side here because I think it’s really sad to see these three long time friends not standing up for each other, if Sonja is vulnerable right now she needs her friends to help her not shut hr out

  • VV

    I thought is was rotten to leave Sonja out made no sense to me Dorinda is a drink away from physically hurting someone she acts like she’s gonna slap a Biotech. Not a fan of Dorinda this season she seems like she hides the truth about things. not being very honest I think she’s a very unhappy woman.

    • PJ

      Yup, I agree. She commented the other night about losing her husband and how hard that is/was. I don’t think she’s processed it and I think John targeted her. I think she’s dangerously unhappy and her pain manifests itself in her aggressive behaviour when she’s drunk. I think John has a drinking problem too and they are a toxic combination. He enables her.

      Focusing on Sonja allows her to deflect from her own problems.

  • patricia

    I like Dorinda, but I think she should have invited Sonja. She should have told all of the ladies to leave the BS at home & take a break, or don’t come to her house.

    • Patricia, I totally agree with you. It is very hurtful to be excluded If these ladies can’t be all together for a night or two, then don’t host a get together, period I felt really sad for Sonja. She saw right thru Dorindas bull. And as stated I in a blog, it turns out Bethenney was the instigator of the scene with Luann

  • apple

    Dorinda should have included everyone…and although Bethenny says she didn’t tell her not to include Sonja. I bet she would not have come if Sonja had been invited. Sonja, Ramona, and LuAnn are on the “pay to play” plan this season and are only paid for the scenes they appear in. I think it is possible Bethenny is trying to freeze her out.

  • starr

    I like Dorinda, I believe her heart was in the right place, but it wasn’t for Sonja who felt left out & hurt. Even with all that effort to avoid friction, it still occurred anyhow & spoilt her party. These women just need to grow up & act their age. Petty bunch of high school drama queens.

  • there was fighting yelling with out Sonja she should not have been iced out in her words that is BS

  • Krista

    Totally agree. All the other ladies did plenty of yelling & drinking of their own! Bethenny, as usual was her usual insufferable, know-it-all mean girl. So harsh & hurtful.