Sonja Morgan: It’s Best For All Of Us If Harry Dubin And I Settle Down


Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss #bookgate and her relationship with Aviva’s ex-husband, Harry Dubin. Sonja reveals Aviva supports her relationship with Harry and admits it’s probably best for everyone if her and Harry were to settle down one day. Read what else Sonja said below.

Sonja writes, “Last year, Aviva said Ramona had an alcohol problem. Yet, each one of their encounters has taken place over a glass of wine. First the tequila shots, and now Aviva really knows how to break the ice. She choses to meet at a liquor store to buy more alcohol! We can see that she definitely wants to get on Ramona’s good side when she calls her an expert in wine. I have to admit she can be charming when she wants to.

One thing I like about Harry and Aviva is that they are on the same page on parenting. That’s why it’s so important to me that they continue to get along even though they went through a tough divorce at one point. Kids always come first in my book and Harry’s son with Aviva, Harrison, is such a great kid. I’ve known Harry for almost 30 years. We dated decades ago, so he’s trying to rekindle our romance. Aviva seems surprised by this, but is 100 percent behind this. It’s really the best for all of us if Harry and I settle down. However, I’m committed to Ben right now. By the way, I sent Harry home right after. . .to be continued. I know, I know. . .I looked provocative.

I still stand with what I said. If Carole says no co-writer, there’s no co-writer. If there is a ghostwriter, that’s her business. She should be happy that Aviva has a publisher and was able to write a memoir where shares her experience and guides other people through their pain. After all, Aviva has definitely been through a lot of pain. Aviva is voicing how denigrated she felt towards Carole’s reaction to the fact that she wrote the book. I someone who helped Aviva write her book, though I don’t remember her name or if she was an editor, a cowriter or a publisher. She does admit to having help of some sort. I’m confused about all this, are you?”

Photo Credit: Bravo