Sonja Morgan Believes Kristen Taekman Is A “Breath Of Fresh Air”


Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City and new cast member, Kristen Taekman. Ms. Morgan believes Kristen is a breath of fresh air. She also shares why she was skeptical of Aviva and dishes on her boyfriend, Ben.

Sonja writes, “We decided to have fun with the taglines this Season. If you have good sense of humor, you picked up on that immediately! They are very tongue in cheek and they did get a lot of attention on the social media.

I don’t want people to judge Ben before they meet him. Age is just a number to me. He’s wise beyond his years! Plus, I really enjoy spending time with him, my daughter likes him. That’s not easy to find!

Ben is an old spirit. He’s worldly and fits in with my jet setting group. My friends in Europe don’t ask his age! I think Ben is a little apprehensive with this NY group though. Do you blame him? I just want to cozy up in the corner with him and the girls are dishing on his age and Carole is bristling about how Aviva treated people in the past.

I thought that Carole and Aviva were best buddies? Aviva wants to sidle up to the Ramona monster that she just recently saw too well, which I don’t recommend. It’s the first party of the summer social season and everyone has so much to say about each other already. It’s so awkward!

Sitting between Ramona and Kristen is not easy because when Ramona meets someone she hits them like a ton of bricks. She just puts it all out there. If Kristen thinks that she’s going to be the mediator between Ramona and Aviva, she’s got another thing to learn. Aviva must be dreaming if she really thinks she can make up with Ramona with just a hug. Aviva, are you really going to tell Ramona she has some years on you on top of everything else? That came out really awkward. I think Aviva gets really nervous and just blurts things out.

It’s as if Aviva isn’t inputting and is using a script in her head she rehearsed. Even after Ramona says she’s vicious and mean-spirited, Aviva comes back to her saying, “Let’s celebrate our differences!” I don’t think Ramona wants to celebrate those differences!

Kristen is a breath of fresh air and as Ben says, a knockout. And as Carole says, Kristen is a weirdo! She wears an Elvis necklace every single day. I like it. Great start. . .I love a weirdo.

Josh’s gift to Kristen is very strained and seems to overcompensate for some weakness in their relationship. Kristen certainly says that and has been giving it to Josh all along. So I say we will have to see. No relationship is perfect. Don’t men always give us a gift for a reason?

I loved taking Kristen to the lingerie store. I enjoy sharing secret places and tips. Not sure Kristen wants my advice though. Maybe she is laughing it off. But I did hear her give Josh a few jabs, and he is condescending to her. I hate to see women lose their personal power when they become wives and mothers. I’m all about empowering women. I know Kristen had a dream of having a card business and put that on hold. So we will have to learn more about her. Oh and, as you can see here, leopard as always is my neutral!”

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