Sonja Morgan Apologizes To Countess LuAnn Over Drag Queen Comment


On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan called LuAnn de Lesseps a drag queen and referred to her as LuMann. After the Countess told Andy Cohen she was hurt my Sonja’s remarks on WWHL, Morgan is apologizing… kind of.

“I do regret that my comment was filmed and that LuAnn had to hear me call her LuMan because I know she hates when I call her that,” Morgan tells RadarOnline. “But even though I said she was a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, I didn’t say she was a woman trapped in a drag queen’s body.”

Sonja explains why she felt the need to get feisty with de Lesseps after her comments towards Morgan. “I needed LuAnn to be supportive of my sing-song skit I wrote and chime in and say, ‘Sonja has always been a performer, comedian. Why are you saying she’s not a comedian?’” Morgan said. “Since my pageant days, I’ve always excelled in the talent portion.”

“I needed LuAnn to chime in at that moment at the cocktail party and exhibit her Miss Congeniality side and not her drag queen height and booming voice [saying], ‘Sonja, you could have been more polished,’” Sonja continued. “That’s not what I needed because it wasn’t a Broadway show. It was a charity [event] for LGBT youth. If it were more polished, we wouldn’t have had any money left for the charity.”

“I was so pissed off at LuAnn because I know when I have a tiff with Ramona Singer, she’s not going to be supportive,” Sonja said. “She loves when I have a tiff with Ramona.”

But Sonja reveals she is still friendly with LuAnn today. “LuAnn and I have been friends for seven years now,” she revealed. “I accept Luann the way she is. She accepts me the way I am. I can be myself around her.” Adding, “She’s so tall with that deep sexy voice so it is easy to call her LuMann, but she’s a beautiful lady as we all know.”

“Lu Lu, I’m sorry that you heard me say that because I know you don’t like me to call you LuMan,” Morgan said. “I flew off the handle, took a little too much comedic license when I felt you and Ramona were not being supportive of my charity and ‘Sonja In The City’ [cabralesque] event. I worked hard to get that all together in a huge airplane hanger, all while filming.”

Photo Credit: Bravo