Sonja and Aviva Are STILL Feuding!

Hurricane Aviva landed in St. Bart’s tonight on The Real Housewives of New York, and it was ugly! But first, Aviva had to brave the tiny plane that got her to the island, where the other ladies awaited her arrival.

Ramonja was drunk and naked in the pool, worried Aviva’s husband Reid would be interrupting their ‘girls vaca.’ And when Aviva arrived, she had her guns blazing! LuAnn wanted to turn the attention away from her ‘alleged’ affair with Tomas, so she started some drama between Aviva and Romonja.

After calling Ramona and Sonja white trash, and yelling at them, Sonja was very “hurt” by the name-calling, while Ramona just drank her Pino, carried on, pretended to fake cry and apologize to Aviva.

It seems Aviva and Sonja are presently still at odds. The reason? According to Sonja, the St. Bart’s trip.

“I’ve given her a few chances to say, ‘I wish I hadn’t said that, I won’t say that again,’” Sonja Morgan told People Magzine, “and then she doesn’t, so I’ve turned a corner on that one.”

Recently, Sonja decided not to attend the 13th Annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis for New York Junior Tennis & Learning on August 23rd, because Aviva would be there. “It’s unfortunate that I deterred Sonja from coming to a great event,” Aviva was overheard saying. “There was lots of alcohol and food.” Geez, catty much, ladies?

We will watch the rest of the NY drama unfold Monday nights on Bravo. Who’s side are you on? Aviva or Sonja?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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