Sneak Peek Of Melissa Gorga’s Book, “Sex Is The Glue Of Marriage!”


Melissa Gorga will be releasing her marriage advice book in September, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey Star is already sharing some of her martial advice with Life & Style. Melissa insists sex is an important part of any marriage.

‘Lesson No. 1: “Sex is the glue of the marriage,” Melissa writes, revealing sex is her secret weapon to overcome fights with her husband, Joe Gorga. “It fills the little cracks that hold you together. Otherwise, those tiny cracks can turn into huge splits.”’

Melissa shares that she and Joe have sex at least every other day, and that they often solve arguments with make-up sex. “It’s the best way to put an argument to rest. You both lay down your weapons and declare yourself victorious,” she writes. “It’s how we bond emotionally.”

But Melissa insists it takes more than sex to build a healthy marriage. “Marriage is hard. I work at it every day. During our eight years together, we’ve had plenty of rocky times and major fights,” Melissa admits. “No marriage is perfect,” but she insists her and Joe are in it together, forever.

Photo Credit: Melissa Gorga