Sneak Peek Of Heather Dubrow’s New Home


Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow and her husband Terry have sold their stunning mansion that has been featured on the show and are in the early stages of designing their new home! Heather tells Bravo they plan to break ground on their new house in November! Heather is also sharing a sneak peek of what the new Dubrow home will look like, and says, “This house is very cool and I think even better than the last house we built. The size and shape of the new lot allows for more depth to the house.”


Heather’s new home will feature a large living room and kitchen area, and she says, “This is an important space for our family and we missed having that in the last house.” She is also adding a “small beauty salon.” “It will be complete with shampoo sink and makeup station!” she says.

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  1. Well, good for her. Clearly, she is extremely affluent and can afford this house (they sold their last house for $16.5M alone). Therefore, she’s not pretentious. She’s rich.

    1. DJ, This is the dictionary definition of pretentious: “Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.” None of us know how much money they have (unless you are her), but we’ve all seen Housewife after Housewife go bankrupt or get in some kind of financial trouble. It’s like the old joke – a realtor says to his client, “I have good news and bad news. The house is only 10 million dollars, the bad news is they want $100,000 down.” Her over-inflated sense of self and her career tells me she’s pretentious. Her choice of accoutrements for her family “home” tells me she’s once again building to impress, not to live comfortably.

  2. She is! Especially when it comes to her acting experience. You have to Google her in order to find out what forgettable shows she’s appeared in, yet she acts like she’s won multiple Oscars and Emmys. We’ve all seen her get intensely offended and downright mean if you don’t give her and her “career” the respect and adoration that she thinks she deserves. UGH! What shows were she on again? I’ve already forgotten. Sorry honey, but you aren’t Angelina Jolie, heck, you’re not even Angelina Ballerina!

    1. Totally agree. When she first came on the show she seemed so prim & proper & nice, as time goes by you can see the holier than thou attitude. I feel sorry for her husband, she picks apart things he says til she gets him to the point he bows down & surrenders. I still like heather but she’s definetly on a path of bein a hated housewife.

  3. @ DJ and getreal you both are 110% right and there is not much more I can say. But I do wish they would give us some of our money back or pay us to watch all these RH shows.

  4. Heather had no “real career”, she was a 2 bit talent and won’t come to terms with that. She wants to act and have a career. Heather, learn to cook, show your daughters how to cook and clean, you are not a good mother, you are just FULL of yourself. Spending quality times is cooking with your kids, not shoving them on to a chef, nanny and assistant, yes, Heather you are pretentious!!!!!!

    Terry actually makes fun of her and that’s why she is in a huff! He sees and knows what shes all about, NOTHING, NADA!!!!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. She acts as if “Hollywood is calling her,” and she’s so busy because she has to take care of her kids, (news alert, she’s their mom, that’s what moms are for), and her house, etc. She needs to get with the rest of us who work, clean their own house, cook, and really take care of their kids. Boy she’d be in for a shocker! Who is walking around telling her that she’s this “great big movie star? and that “her Sh*t doesn’t stink? lol Someone needs to tell her to come out of the clouds and live in reality. I’m glad there’s other women out there who agree with me. Kudos to you!!

  5. Heather and Terry are way too smart and well-educated to overspend. They are not suddenly newly rich like lottery winners who live beyond their means, support a groping extended family, go into unsupportable debt, and end up bankrupt. At least one of them came from money and grew up knowing how to live very well, and well within their means.

  6. can’t watch the show with her and her husband. desperate for attention. they need to get kicked off ratings would go up.

  7. I can’t even imagine living in a house that big. If I had that kind of money I would get a nice little 3-4 bedroom town home in NYC. Or a 3-4 bedroom on the coast of North Carolina.

  8. I look at it like this.yes it’s a big house and alot of money.I look at it like this it’s their money they worked for it.what they do and how they live don’t affect my life.yes I would like to have their money but not gonna sit here and down them because that makes me look jealous.only thing I can say is she don’t have to act so snooty and a know it all just because she’s been blessed.If they have so much give a little to charity’s. It might save a life or help somebody get hot meal.they worked for it it’s their money who am I to say what they do with it.remember one thing .money don’t buy you class!

    1. Heather is desperate to be her own including her acting that she demands respect for her. The high maintence attitude that she demands can be exhausting. She complains she barely sees her husband and he does not get to spend time with his family, I wonder if he just works so he wont have to put up with her demands.

  9. There’s only one thing that bothers me. She keeps saying that SHE Alone had the entire responsibility for 2+ years for “everything to do with this house and that he (husband Terry) did NOTHING”.


    Except earn the money to pay for everything.

  10. What does it matter about how big the Dubrow’s house is… Just a status symbol thing they’ve overpaid for. Besides, they’re never in it long enough – either of them. I feel sorry for the kids who don’t have real quality time with either parent. They’re always off doing reality TV or home shopping or traveling with their shows. Cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon…

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