Slade Smiley Threatened To Sue Bravo? Why Gretchen Rossi Was Fired


Many viewers were surprised when rumors flew that Bravo let Gretchen Rossi go from The Real Housewives of Orange County, but RumorFix is revealing what went down after the reunion that eventually led to Gretchen’s departure. A source tells Mr. Housewife that every year Bravo has focus groups to get viewer’s opinions on the show and many found Gretchen’s story lines to be too fake. The source also reveals that Gretchen’s fiancé, Slade Smiley “threatened to sue Bravo, the cast, NBC and the production after the reunion show.” According to the source, “Slade was furious that provocative images of Gretchen and Jay (her alleged fling when she was engaged to Jeff) were shown. Of course that didn’t sit well with the powers that be.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Giuliana

    I think Slade should focus on paying his back child support, not hiring a lawyer he can’t afford

  • gosuckit

    Love how Gretchen “I-refuse-to-be-fake” Rossi got handed her pink slip for being , yup, FAKE! From her nauseating friendship with Tamra, her singing, her crying, that ridiculous Rolls Royce birthday gift/lease, to her abundantly fake proposal to Shadey — you had to be blind not to see it. As for those unfortunate, scandalous pics of Gretchen floating around, well she only has herself to blame there, right? She never should have participated in documenting her affair with Jay if she wanted viewers to think she wasn’t taking advantage of an rich, dying man. And why would Shadey threaten a lawsuit anyway? He has nothing to do with those pics.

  • Im glas shes not comeing back

  • roo

    I will probley no longer watch without Alexis! she was my very favXO