Simon Barney Wants Full Custody Of Sidney, His Teenage Daughter With Tamra Judge


RHOC star Tamra Judge just won a custody battle against her ex-husband Simon Barney, who sued her for full-custody of their three children; Sidney, Spencer and Sophia. But now, Simon has filed more court documents accusing Tamra of “inappropriate” anxiety that causes their daughter Sidney, 16 years-old, to “suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally.” And once again… Simon is asking that a judge grant him full custody of their teenage daughter.

In October, a judge denied Simon’s request for more custody of his children with Tamra, but in the latest court filings obtained by RadarOnline, Barney is asking for full-custody of Sidney.

“I am in favor of a mother and daughter having a healthy relationship,” Simon claims in the court docs. “However, I do not want to jeopardize our daughter Sidney’s health and welfare at this time by forcing her to live with [Tamra] when they do not have a healthy relationship.”

“Forcing Sidney to live with her mother at this time against her will,” Barney continues, “may make matters worse and potentially make their relationship even more strained.”

Sidney has been living with her father since October 6, 2013, because, he writes, “she felt extreme anxiety at her mother’s home and because of [Tamra’s] inappropriate behavior.”

In one example, Simon alleges, Tamra admitted to “telling Sidney that she is no longer allowed” in her home because of her closeness with her father. These incidents, he claims, caused severe “stomach cramping” that doctors diagnosed as anxiety-related.

The couple’s 2010 divorce and on-going battle has “caused [Sidney] to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally,” Simon claims in the documents.

Sidney was assigned a new court therapist months ago, per Simon’s request, but now Barney claims, “the current therapy has not shown any signs of progress… It will take more time and much more progress before any kind of amends are made between the two.”

Until then, he says Sidney should live full-time with him, which would require a “modification of the existing child custody and visitation order.” Simon also wants $17,500 from his ex-wife, claiming Tamra makes more than $600,000 per years, and can afford it.

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5 Replies to “Simon Barney Wants Full Custody Of Sidney, His Teenage Daughter With Tamra Judge”

  1. Uh-ohhh. Sounds like another “sad, sad” year for “fictional character”. Does this mean that Tamra will use the same excuse to be a lying, projecting, backstabbing jackhole again for season 10?

  2. Kind of sick and tired of this storyline. Neither parent is a good role model. Get rid of Tamra so we don’t have to worry about this poor teenager anymore. Get her into a good Foster care home.

  3. Is the supposedly inappropriate behavior supposed to be Tamara talking about the father in front of Sydney? I don’t agree with parents trash talking the other parent in front of the children. However this has been going on so long between these two it’s ridiculous. Who knows what’s true and what isn’t anymore. Even though we have all saw Tamara being outspoken and loud, that’s no a reason to jerk custody away from her. And if the girl is 16, she can talk to the judge herself. In my area 16yr olds have a huge say in which parent they choose to live with.

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