Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Simon Barney Says His Children Are Embarrassed By Their Mother’s Behavior On RHOC


The battle between Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and her ex-husband Simon is heating up as Tamra fights to get her kids on the show. Now, Simon is telling a California judge that his three children should not be allowed on the Bravo show because they have felt “consistent embarrassment” from their mother’s behavior. RadarOnline reports in new court documents Simon claims his three children experienced “social ridicule” after scenes were aired showing their mom’s “head in naked strippers crotches, sex toys and sexual comments.”

“They have been targeted and are the subject of consistent embarrassment due to the content of the show and their mother’s involvement,” Simon said in his court declaration. “The show (has) started to become increasingly more about the alcohol, intoxication, sex and bad behavior.”

Simon expressed he especially did not want his youngest daughter, Sophia, who is eight years old to be part of the show because “the truth is consistently manipulated in the show in order to make the story line more dramatic and to boost ratings.” Adding, “The manipulation and falsification of original statements and actions results in a negative perception from the public and it destroys one’s reputation.”

“If my children were to be on my show, I had stated to the production company… that I was to approve all footage and the children were only to be filmed with my supervision and presence. At that time, (the production company) agreed,” Simon said. “It was a good thing that I was on the show and supervising my children. One time while the show was being filmed, one of the cast members stated something about “T-Bagging” which is an inappropriate sexual comments, while Sidney, age 10 at the time, was present. I immediately took my daughter away and stated to the cast member that such comments were inappropriate while children were around. Later, he agreed that I was correct in needing to be present.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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3 Comments on “Simon Barney Says His Children Are Embarrassed By Their Mother’s Behavior On RHOC

  1. DebBrenn

    Whether their kids have seen their mom in action yet or haven’t, at some point they will and she’s either an embarrassment for them or a role model. In either case, it’s unquestionable bad for the kids.

  2. notatrehugger

    All Tamra wants is to make money off her kids and Simon is right to keep them off the show.

  3. yaya

    Simon, guess what? We, as the viewers are embarrassed just as equally! Don’t let Tammyho further embarrass your children, explain to them that their mom will act her age, someday.

    Bad idea to bring the children into this mess!


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