Simon Barney Reportedly Jealous Of Eddie Judge


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is still battling with her ex-husband Simon Barney over custody of their oldest daughter Sidney, and now the feud as gone public. Barney has released a statement about his ex-wife

“I have always tried to keep quiet and take the high road,” Barney’s official statement reads. “Unfortunately the latest barrage of negative press has warranted some kind of statement. My statement is to set the record straight with facts, truths, not fabrications and accusations.”

“Not only does my daughter have to read and hear about what her mother says about her father on the internet and various talk-shows, she is forced to relive it over and over from her ‘friends and classmates.'”

“The not so classy moments her mother is so famous for on the show which she is a main cast member, i.e., bathtub scene, talking about anal sex, talking about having sex with her husband, being topless, grabbing other women’s body parts, trash talking, throwing wine, drunk, having her private parts in a man’s face, having a male stripper’s private parts in her face and being overall abusive,” Barney officially told RadarOnline.

But RumorFix reached out to sources close to the reality star, who state that none of what Simon is saying is true. “Simon uses the show to alienate Tamra’s oldest daughter from her. It’s SICK,” the source claims. “Her other kids hate him and want away from him so bad. It was fine when him and Tamra did silly stuff on the show but now that they are divorced and Eddie’s on the show, he can’t stand it!”

The insider continues, “It’s awfully hypocritical coming from a guy that previously on the show was doing shots of tequila, lingerie scenes in Napa with Tamra, beer bongs and lap dancing in Havasu and dancing with other women in a nightclub on his short stint on RHOC.”

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  1. So, in other words his statement that he’s staying quiet and taking the high road is BS. It’s none of his business what Tamra does. She is divorced from him and doesn’t need to put up with his moral policing.

      1. First, I wish the “Anonymous” posts would be disallowed. So often they are just regular posters who don’t want to take responsibility for what they say.

        About the topic, no, it’s not his business at all, outside of something to the level that a judge or children’s protective services would get involved over.

        1. P.S. That’s why people need to be very careful about who they have children with. If you split up, each parent will in reality have very little say over what the other parent does regardless of how they feel it affects their children. If the alleged transgressions aren’t serious enough (and provable enough) to get the system to intervene, too bad!

        2. I agree and Simon is putting it out there now! I agree re anonymous posts as well the site should not allow them and it needs to be dealt with!

          1. I thought about changing my name to “anonymously anonymous” every time to reply to an anonymous post and as a joke because everyone doesn’t like when someone posts with out a name and people would also know I actually put a name. It doesn’t happen bother me, however I Completely understand why it bothers so many people. Let me also say because of the way this blog is set up, no registration to post just an email address, people would just put in a fake email and junk name to make the comments so it wouldn’t change the fact people wouldn’t post under their name or say things anonymously.

            1. I didn’t realsize that, most blogs you have to register with before using so fake email would not work! I might text it out under this. Lol

              1. Just tried to test it then replied using dummy sign in!!! How daft can you get I would be hopeless as one of these people with multiple identities!!!

  2. I have a question that is completely off the subject but haven’t seen it addressed in any other blogs. I didn’t understand what made Heather bleed at Tamras party. Can someone please explain it to me?

    1. She had leaches attached to her to try some kind of blood facial. When a leach is taken off it will bleed for hours upon hours as they have a heparin effect. We used them on two patients with terrible wounds, maggots too, and the patients lost a ton of blood when they were removed also.

    2. wouldn’t surprise me if it was a phoney baloney story just as a means for her to introduce her skincare range next episode

  3. Simon you need to mind your own business. When you two were on the show, is how controlling you were. I hate men like you. Just because you were married doesn’t give you a license to say what she wears or anything. I feel sorry for your kids. You piece of shit

  4. I’m with Simon on this. And you know who else is? THE JUDGE that decided that Simon is clear of alienating Sidney from Tamra.

      1. Tamra , and now this “insider”, has stated that Simon was “alienating” Sidney from her, which, THE JUDGE found, was not to be the case, yet this “insider” is STILL accusing him of it.

          1. No, it doesn’t really work that way. The judge is not going to go to their home or commission an in detail study on exactly what is going on there, obviously. The judge merely did not rule that there was sufficient evidence for the court to get involved. With a seventeen year old daughter who wants to live with her father, there is going to be a very high level of trouble that needs to be found for the judge to disrupt that arrangement.

            I don’t think either of their behavior has been the best, but no, the judge is not in on this latest statement by Simon in any way and that wasn’t even included at the hearing. If it was, it could be the judge would reconsider since he is publicly badmouthing his ex-wife now. Repeating yourself doesn’t change it, your conclusion is not accurate.

          2. I think I see what you’re saying Judge Judy, no, THE JUDGE has nothing to do with Simon’s latest statement. I just meant that THE JUDGE did side with Simon and Sidney by allowing her to remain with her father. Sorry about the confusion. As far as Simon’s statement goes, he didn’t say anything false. By comparison, the “insider” was just ranting and butthurt because Tamra lost and changing the subject by spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

            1. Oh okay, I see what you meant, sorry. Yeah, “a source said” is BS. Also, my impression is Sidney probably just preferred to live with her father and Tamra doesn’t want to accept that. I don’t know too many teenagers who are so easy to brainwash. Don’t we know they have their OWN minds, lol.

    1. I agree. I don’t think they’re nearly the worst parents I’ve ever seen but I think we could all definitely find things they both did that probably really weren’t that great for their kids.

  5. have to agree regarding what her daughter and friends see on tv…. my daughters would be mortified. This is not a sitcom…. it is a reality show… so that makes it more embarrassing for the teens. Tamra talks trash on the show and comes off as trashy. Another thing…. who would ever ever be jealous of Eddie… give me a break. Although I wish no ill will on either Tamra or Viki but I would love to see them off the show.

    1. laughing my but off….. sometimes it takes a awhile… but I just realized what moobs mean….!!! and yes he has a good set of them!!!

  6. I seriously doubt Simon is jealous of Eddie. I don’t think Simon was a good husband to Tamara, but I do think he is a good father. While he’s putting stuff on social media, I do agree that the children are catching hell because of Tamara’s behavior on the show. Plus the fact that both have used these children as pawns. Other children can be cruel.

    1. I doubt it too. The only reason why some people think Simon is jealous is because Tamra is constantly saying it. If Simon was jealous of Eddie wouldn’t we be hearing about him throwing shade Eddie’s way? Personally, I think Simon is glad to be rid of her. He’s Eddie’s problem now.

    2. Tamara is scum and Simon did try to help her son, but he was a little lazy sh%t. I don’t blame Simon for being tired of them both. Tamara was horrible to Simon and I certainly wouldn’t want to see my mother in that tub scene. I think Simon is lucky to be rid of her and you can see the frustration Eddie has has with her now.

  7. From Day One Simon was a sour-pussed, controlling little man. He didn’t like Tamra’s son. (Can’t blame him on that. That lazy ass leech needs to get a REAL job and stop crying MAMA every and any time he hits a snag in life.) I didn’t care for Simon, could’t be married to someone like Simon but I do think Simon is doing the right thing by insisting the kids stay off of that show. And Tamra is NOT a good mother. Sorry people. No good mother does what she does on television on a REALITY show. She isn’t an actress, she isn’t playing a role. And we are sure seeing the difference between how she treats Eddie now and when they first got married.

    1. have to agree… Tamra is not an actress … she’s on a reality show… not a pretty picture for the kids… but heck – she could really give a poop!

      1. BrandiTwinkle is another one who makes bad choices … often wondered what her boys think and what their friends say to them cuz she’s worse than Tamra…..

    2. Gigi I admire that you stick to your views about kids in reality shows 🙂 I gave you a hard time for singling Shannon’s kids out but you are the real deal 🙂

    3. I agree with you gigi, except that I think Simon acted the way he did, because Tamra was so out of control. From her first appearance she paraded around, announcing to all, how she was the “hottest housewife in OC,” or some such rot. He may have been proud at first, but not when she started acting so trashy and then the hateful “naked wasted,” episode with Gretchen (who I blame for continuing to drink, that nite), was what probably sent him over the edge. I highly doubt that Simon is “jealous of Eddie.” Eddie never has had a real job, he first worked for his sugar-daddy/”father” and now works for Tamra. What will he do, if and when that gym closes?

  8. I sympathize with Simon. What everyone is calling “controlling” was him trying to trying to keep his wife from publicly acting like white trash. And she’s gotten so much worse, if her kids aren’t embarrassed by her then they’ve been swayed by her to think it’s all okay.

  9. the only thing he’d have to be jealous of Eddie for is his age. and I’m sure everyone would wanna be a few years younger.

    whatever happened to Eddie being a lawyer? or was that made up?

    1. Eddie’s was working at a law firm, for a man who “adopted him.” It was in some type of administrative capacity, but he was fired, because he was practicing law without a license or something and got the place sued. At least that’s what I recall reading.

  10. I doubt anyone who was left against their choice and had their ex soon marry someone else wouldn’t have some jealousy. If nothing else, two of three of Simon’s kids are living with this guy rather than with him.

    I see it both ways. On the one hand, my husband would probably say something too if I went around wearing dresses where my cootch was practically showing. However, I believe in that scene Tamra did wear what she wanted anyway, didn’t she? If so, then he was not very successful at controlling her there. But why I think he was controlling was that she seemed afraid to contradict him, like about her son, even when she truly was on her son’s side. I think a lot of these ladies go for rich guys and then they’re not on an even level with them with the power in the relationship.

    On the other hand, as someone mentioned, Eddie is very laid back and it does seem like Tamra walks all over him. She didn’t even bother telling him she planned to get baptized, not to mention grabbing family money to support her son and his insta-family without asking Eddie.

    No innocent victims here, I think!

    1. Judge I could read your comments all day long. Even if I don’t agree your comments are fun to read. I happen to agree with most of your comments including this one.

  11. Did yall see the story of the couple that took a selfie outside the courthouse after filing or (when it was final I can’t remember) with smiles. The caption was about how they couldn’t make it as forever mates but they would be forever parents. How they commit to raising healthy kids in a healthy relationship. I wish more people would get it and take this advice. I think Simon is emotionally and verbally abuseive, as he is no longer able to do this to her in his home he uses the kids to do it now, I also think Tamra should understand her actions could hurt her. However her actions we may view as horrible they are not actions which should keep a mother from her child.

    1. Once again Cassy you have got this so right! It doesn’t matter whether we like someone or not, being good parents should always come first! Look after and love your kids! They grow up so fast and all we want is for them to be responsible parents!

  12. Something else that hasn’t been mentioned yet, is that Tamra is WORKING when she is on the reality show. If she didn’t keep us entertained with over-the-top behavior, she would soon be out of a job. The normal ones don’t last very long, lol. I doubt she could make anywhere near that much money doing anything else, does she even have any advanced job skills? So, her “trashiness” is what allows those kids to remain in their same nice neighborhood with the same friends, school, etcetera.

  13. Simon is an uber hot man (on the outside) there’s nothing stopping him from joining Cut Fitness and learning a thing or two from Eddie.

      1. It was at one of the reunions that Gretchen said something about him not being qualified and Tamra denied it I believe. Bear with me if I have made spelling mistakes but am typing this under a duvet so I don’t wake my daughter up! I think he was ‘adopted’ by the man who owned the company. I think he is by-sexual!!! The company was fined because he was practicing illegally. Allegedly!!!!!

        1. Yes he, Eddie Torres was his name I believe, was adopted as an adult by a lawyer who he did odd jobs for allegedly and who was rumored to be gay. I agree.

        2. Man I wish I had known about this blog during Grethcen’s time on here. I can’t stand her. She could have been so pretty, but she has to caccle like a hyena after every interview and always with friends, nothing is that funny all of the time. And Slade makes the biggest douche on housewives along with Jax. Both with their filthy non shaved faces. Don Johnson was the only guy who looked good with a 4 day growth, nobody else has been able to get away with it IMO since. Slade was like a pissed off woman the way he went after the women’s looks and then his excuses. it reminded me of when pouting women argue. I miss Alexis and never understood everyone including Tamra going after her. She might have been a little different and her marriage was different, but she was happy and so was Jim. That makes the world go around, differences. Heather went in for her from the beginning the way she speaks to others like they are kids or hard of hearing.
          I don’t see what anyone means about Eddie being a bad guy. He treats others with respect, and Tamra is loved for herself. Just because she didn’t tell him about the possible baptism, maybe she didn’t feel like telling him. We all have the right to say what the hell we want to our mate. The money for that weird son, tho. I think she is tired of arguing about him. She knows he has been headed for nothingness for a long time, but now her grandaughter is involved. Seriously, could any of you just watch them not have a decent home when we had plenty of money? I mean, both of them, the wife too. They met and moved in together and reproduced in as short of time as is possible. As I have said the only thing to complete the picture is an AK47 hanging on his shoulder. She went after him because of who his Mom is, I believe that. It certainly wasn’t because of his stellar character. I have known families with good parents, loving parents who disciplined their child and had a child who just never engaged with society. From teenager he thought the worlds riches should just come to him. And Tamra didn’t know what to do and then did the wrong thing. He was a little boy when she married Simon, so he should have been loved by him. And accepted. Might have helped? He was just troubled and would have been no matter what circumstances, I think.
          And Simon. I will never forget the last night they filmed together. If he spoke down to her and if you listen even to his “apology” after and the way he was talking to others about her on camera, imagine what it was like to live with him. My guts tighten when I watch that. Whatever is happening with their kids I am positive he speaks badly about her to his kids. He belongs in a a society somewhere else in the world where they believe women belong to men.

          1. Hi! I agree with just about everything you have said Spade is revolting! Gretchen way over the top! Tamras son needed love from Simon instead of criticism. Can’t think of everything else but I remember I agreed! Sorry it’s very hot here, my brain is fried! Lol

            1. Just remembered Eddie is fine, he has never done anything to make me dislike him! I don’t find him good looking but I don’t find most of these husbands good looking. The only one I really like is Ken Todd!
              Tamra can do what she wants with her money, it’s not his! That’s it now honest!!!

                1. I don’t think ice cold beer is as common elsewhere as it is here…It is more cellar cold…not icy. She can have cold sangria…nice and fruity…and it is in Tenerife…and made quite strong there with the added alcohol to the wine. I want some now….

                  1. Tapas! I love them. We walked all over Barcelona to find a place that served them, they have the menus posted outside. One really different thing there and in Rome, a lot of the eateries if you stand at the counter or bar, it is half the price. My sister and I learned that a little late, but when we did we ate standing, then they don’t mind if you sit outside and sip beer or wine or anything for the entire night. Staring at the Pantheon and watching the doves gather at dusk around the opening was one of the most wonderful things.

                    1. We took our kids to Barcelona when they were younger and we ended up in Kentucky fried chicken!!! Those were the days! Lol

              1. I don’t think it is her money only. On the preview for next week, she finally told Eddie and he was furious. He said he was not going to go to work to support another man’s family. Also, Tamra was worried about telling him herself. Also, I’m sure people can do things how they want but to me, when you are married there is no “my money,” it’s all “our money.” That’s my opinion anyway!

          2. I completely agree with the grandchild and not helping them have a decent home. I couldn’t allow my kids to not have a decent home if I was able to help. I personally don’t see what she did for her son and helping him get a house any different from what Eddies “dad” did for him. My parents gave us money for a down payment on our first home and paid closing costs. In fact many of our friends parents did this. I also don’t think Ryan is the worthless low life people make him out to be. He does have a job, supports his family he is not 18-22 year old kid anymore. Many kids lack motivation in their early 20’s and grow up to be great adults. The difference is when you watch people on reality TV we never allow them to change from our original impression. I say this knowing I have grown so much from my early 20’s to now, that’s part of life.

            1. I would help my kids, too. But when he married someone he barely knew who has four kids of her own– helping them out is one thing but “helping” a family of six live in Orange County is asking quite a bit in my opinion! After all, if Tamra and Eddie were wealthy, I doubt they’d both be working so much.

            2. It isn’t only remembering him from then, it is the things he says and does now. He was already in his mid-twenties when he was just saying things that were kinda red flags to me. Since all people are different I guess one could grow out of that attitude he had. But, when kids are just plain troubled, as I know I have stated he seems to be, it is a characteristic they carry within them, in my experience. Like his meeting Sara and immediately latching on to something he saw there. It seems to me to be a sign of some emptiness within him that he is always trying to fill with something or someone outside of himself. It doesn’t bode well for him. I dearly hope I am wrong and they stay together for the sake of everyone in their little family.
              I don’t see Tamra being a bad wife just because she does some things we might not. She definitely has a soft spot for her son and is tired of fighting about it. She should have told him, sure, but having Simon tell her what to do and think for so long makes her rebellious. Hopefully they can work that out between them.

              1. There was a big deal recently about Tamra’s son’s wife accusing him of abusing her. So I agree, I am not at all sure he’s grown out of his bad ways.

          3. I agree with you 3D’s, about Alexis. She was the prettiest of all of the housewives and I really think that’s why Heather was so inordinately jealous. I have to say, I never noticed Alexis bragging about anything, certainly not the way Heather does. Everyone seems to point out that the Dubrows have money, but so do Alexis and Jim now, that their Trampoline businesses have gotten popular. And if you notice, EVERY chance Heather gets, she sticks her designer label handbag in view of the camera. So very obnoxious.

            1. Alexis, really? I thought she was the most obnoxious phony and know-it-all of all. She and her creepy husband have quite the shady dealings and backgrounds for people who preach about Christianity to everyone else. Which is not saying Heather is any better. I liked her better earlier. Now her showing off about that vulgarly giant house nonstop just gets on my nerves. That is NOT class!

            2. I thought she got a really bad rap, Queenie, and oddly I thought it was because of the kind of marriage she has. It would be different if she didn’t believe in the stuff he did, but she loved him and I think he loved her and they were immersed in their own interpretation of the Bible. I just don’t think anyone had the guts to say it was about that and blamed the money thing which I didn’t see from her either. It was Gretchen and her absolutely phony cackle and her mean spirited ways that I truly dislike. That dinner at Peggy’s and Micah’s when she was spouting all of the stuff about Eddie and the really crude stuff they said pretty loud, then when Don had the nerve to laugh at Slime, Wretch’s boyfriend, that was out of line. And she was like that all of the time. I was so unhappy when Tamra forgave her because Tamra was right in the first place. The last season Alexis was on of course she tried to portray the best of them, and got called out again by Wretchen. She couldn’t win no matter what she did. And the differences like that are what I think make it interesting.

  14. I agree there was something creepy about Jim. Alexis husband, I didn’t take to him at all! She was always doing exactly what Heather is now about cars jewelry etc. she was nicer towards the end when she stood up to him a little! Heather now is driving me nuts, good luck to her with her house I don’t have a problem with the size of it if that’s what they want and their 14 toilets (or however many they have) but I don’t want to here about how much each one costs! It’s low class to talk about money the way both her and Alexis did! In fact most of them on OC are the same in one way or another!

  15. God, just when you think Tamara couldn’t be more vile.. she is.. she is a poor, poor excuse for a mother.. She brainwashed Vicki’s daughter (whose a trainwreck as well).. The two of them are classless idiots..

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