Siggy Flicker Writes Goodbye Letter to RHONJ

Siggy Flicker has announced that she is done with RHONJ, and now she is sharing her thoughts about her tumultuous ride on the show and what she has learned from being on television.

That’s a wrap!

I want to thank Andy Cohen and Bravo for the opportunity they gave me on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Andy Cohen is a mentor, a friend and the sweetest man in the universe, not to mention GOOD LOOOKING! Bravo has amazing people who made a tremendous impact on my career and my life. I don’t regret one second of the good and sometimes the not so good.

What did I learn?

I learned that when dealing with a reality show, never ever ever leave your edit in the hands of someone else. Let me tell you why. Imagine the most well-behaved lion — a lion who was raised and surrounded by love — never experiencing cruelty. Now imagine that same lion is caged, poked, prodded and beaten for weeks. Finally, that lion strikes back at its tormentors. The tormentors capture video only of the lion attacking, show that video and label the lion vicious, unpredictable and unhinged. Welcome to the last year of my life.

I learned that education is the very foundation by which a great society is built. There is no room for intolerance or marginalization based on faith, and I am grateful that I have been recruited to educate on the subject. This is where civil society must draw a line. Hitler is not an analogy, it is an abomination. No one should trivialize his evil. The Holocaust is not a social reference point. Those who I filmed with who didn’t know what the Holocaust was … now do.

I am sure that people will think twice before bringing up Hitler’s name in casual conversation far removed from the atrocities of the Holocaust or World War II. I am grateful that what started as such a painful exchange has launched me into such a meaningful direction.

After all, we teach our kids not to lie, cheat or steal. So why would anyone remain in an environment that rewards just that? Leave the toxicity behind and immerse yourselves in what you are passionate about and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I learned that my husband, my kids, my family and my friends — especially Dolores Catania — will guide me through the darkest of times with unprecedented strength and unwavering support. Looking back at how they rallied around me, it is truly humbling.

I learned that viewers have touched my life as I had intended to touch theirs. Many have become friends. Those friendships are flourishing.

Finally, I learned we can’t plan our future. I could never have predicted that my time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey would take me to where I need to be today.

So as I continue to write my fairytale, I pray that each of you will continue to write yours.

Thoughts on what Siggy had to say?


37 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Writes Goodbye Letter to RHONJ”

  1. She’s right. She is writing a fairy tale. None of that blog is true. She still doesn’t get it. Still crying victim. If her behaviour was bad editing, I want to know how they made that much crazy come out of her mouth? That’s some special effects. Call Spielberg.

  2. Ya know, this season I found uncomfortable. I really liked Siggy until the whole thing went down with Margaret. I don’t think Siggy gave her a fair shake. She seemed like one HUGE hypocrite the entire season. She never practiced anything she preached. She wanted all kinds of unconditional consideration(emphasis on the unconditional) from the other girls- but never seemed to give in return. Was that really poor editing? Where is the relationship expert ?!?!?!

    1. she lost me when she was sprawled out on her floor at her party with hooker platform shoes on chanting “thats all I wanted, thats all I wanted” loudly. And came for Melissa.. I was done after that and did not respect anything she did or said after that.

  3. The “Holocaust is not a social reference point” ???
    Ok. Is CULTURAL reference point better?
    Then goes on to announce her new platform is: Holocaust awareness. I guess that is ok, just nobody mention Hitler.

  4. I am so glad she is leaving the show, she absolutely ruined this season for me. She is the most dramatic, twisted, over sensitive, self absorbed crybaby I have ever watched. Everybody in the world knows that Hitler was pure evil, she did not listen to the point that Margaret was trying to make, she just heard Hitler and lost her mind, it was just stupid.
    She claims to be so intelligent but can’t understand trying to make point is not trying to hurt her. She blows up over being called Soggy, good grief, what would she do if Margaret had really called her a bad name. Shot her?
    She just couldn’t stand it because Margaret didn’t think she was as wonderful as she thinks she is. She said she is humble, there is nothing himble about, she is very prideful. I could be friends with Margaret but I would chew that self centered, self help guru up and spit her out.
    I think she is leaving because she can’t take the heat and the show brought out the worse in her and she showed herself and she knows it. She needs to watch each episode and watch her self closely and for God sakes get over herself.

    1. When Margaret took her to the diner to apologize for calling her Soggy, she said she forgave her. But she kept bringing it up!

  5. Who, exactly, did Siggy film with that she educated on what the Holocaust is?!? Her over-inflated ego knows no bounds!

  6. She could have saved all this time – NO ONE CARES. This broad is cukoo-nuts. Girl bye…hurry up and go already

  7. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler……….get over yourself soggy….you don’t own words or language…..people invoke Hitler all the time as an example or slur….its become part of people’s slang.
    She was horrible in her treatment of Margret.
    Good riddance

  8. Wow, so Siggy never experienced any kind of animosity in her life before RHONJ? What about the issues when you were younger with your name? You are obtuse, self-absorbed (really the only people interested in you are Michael Campanella and Dolores) and completely delusional. Once again you made EVERYTHING about you. Newsflash: You aren’t the most important person in the room. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s gone — another year and she’ll just be a distant memory — like having the stomach flu one time.

  9. Ah shaddup Ciggy … you know you’re bitter because the woman you “brought into this group” outplayed and replaced you. Thankfully, you’ll never be heard from again.

    1. Right! And Margret brought a fun cast of characters with her. She brought the fun. Siggy has her son and her husband, neither of which are interesting enough or entertaining enough to hold audience attention.Whereas Marge Sr is amazing! and the assistant with the English+ New Jersey hybrid accent is fascinating to listen to.

  10. Can all the Jersey wives write a goodbye letter? The fake, the phony and omg… their voices!! There is nothing real about them but being real annoying.

  11. I’m glad she admitted her letter was a fairytale. I skimmed down to the end after she compared herself to an abused lion.

  12. Editing? Seriously, Siggy? Taking a play from the Real Housewives Deflection Playbook.
    I would have had a modicum of respect for Siggy. Had she taken responsibility for her atrocious and petulant behavior. Calling someone an Anti Semite is a very serious accusation. Being the daughter of a holocaust survivor does NOT give you the right to trash someone so heinously for no reason.

    Good Riddance Siggy. And Bravo, While you are at it, get rid of the Gorga’s including Teresa. They are so 2008 and overplayed. The only good thing about this season was Margaret.

  13. Good God! Bad editing, cakegate and Hitler..give it up Siggy and take the “puffer fish” aka Dolores with you!!
    I thought we would never hear from her again..she will never be completely gone!!

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a ridiculous drama queen as Siggy. A self proclaimed “relationship expert” with no related degree or coursework of any kind, or even any degree, who fails miserably at maintaining any relationship with anyone on the show except Dolores. She may be a decent person somewhere in there, but I won’t miss her juvenile behavior, her self pitying manipulation of her children, her constant, endless, annoying screaming, screaming, screaming and need for all eyes to be on her. She’s exhausting. Just exhausting. Bye Soggy.

  15. What kind of amazing editing had Siggy lying on the floor at her own party while screaming “dat’s awl I wanted!!!”? Girl, please. You are mistaking malevolent “editing”with “wildly inappropriate things you actually did but don’t have the emotional intelligence to process, so let’s blame editing”. You can’t edit what you don’t give them, and Siggy gave them a cornucopia of terrible, infantile behavior to work with. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see a cast member leave the show. I just wish she would stop talking about leaving and just leave. Shut up, Siggy and go away forever. Go on now, git!

  16. Insufferable! If we see her again it will be 2soon! Take that blow fish sidekick Dolores with U! Bravo really screwed up when they brought this moron on board! She really believes all this garbage! U stupid little person! U destroyed urself. There is no doubt in my mind that after watching the ppl u do business with clearly explains the low life u really R!
    Get outta here & stop with the stupid justifications! We ALL GOT UR #!

  17. Siggy isn’t an honest person and made it clear she was playing the victim to her own father by leaving out everything Marge did. HOPEFULLY he saw what she did and reprimanded her.

    Lastly, can’t edit what’s not there. She said the words. She performed the actions. She did it to herself.

  18. Editing? Boring…
    Tell us something we haven’t heard. a zillion times before..
    Love to see the Siggy ” Outakes” !
    Guessing, they would have been worst than the scenes we witnessed..
    Good-bye , Siggy…

  19. She is such a child “whoa is me.'”I would never ask such a cry baby for advice on anything. What she says she does not practice. Very sad BYE

  20. Horrible spoiled, entitled big baby, shrew of a woman. The season couldn’t end quick enough. Andy let her carry on too. Her ego is huge.

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