Is Siggy Flicker Trying to Get Jersey Shore’s Sam Giancola to Join RHONJ?


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker works with another Jersey celebrity. Flicker has her own radio show with TV Host Clare Galleria and Jersey Shore star Samantha Giancola called Just Sayin’, where they discuss their own drama, as well as their opinions on the latest in pop culture and celebrity gossip.

The two reportedly became fast friends doing press around New Jersey and although Sam says she is done doing Reality TV, Siggy is reportedly encouraging her to join the cast of RHONJ one day.


Watch Siggy discuss her relationship with Sammi below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Other than being NJ garbage, what part of the Housewives is Sammy?

I like Siggy and Delores. I especially hope Delores writes a blog, so I can say how much I enjoyed the scene of her and her stunning Daughter talking about becoming a Vet. That was inspiring and I loved seeing that. The entire Gorga segments were the Gorga kids……….and their Dad being a punk. I have always thought of him as a cave man with the intelligence of a, well, I can’t think of any animal, I don’t want to insult the animal. Let’s just say he is IQ challenged. The way he speaks about his wife and family is… Read more »

Please no. She’s never been a wife or anything relatively close to it. They’d just have her be the Kenya of new Jersey.. which sounds intolerable to me!


Sammie sweetheart from jersey Shore would be the Kenya (RHOA) of RHNJ