Siggy Flicker Slams RHONJ Co-Star Margaret Josephs

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker isn’t impressed with new co-star Margaret Josephs.

“I can’t stand Margaret. She’s not a friend. I don’t have history with her. She doesn’t really care, she thinks she’s God’s gift,” Siggy said of newest Housewife.

In tonight’s episode, we see the battle over #cakegate. Margaret called Siggy, “Soggy Flicker,” for crying about the cake.

This upset Siggy as she said, “You’re calling me Soggy Flicker? Go f**k yourself! This girl is taking shots at me. They thought let’s attack the girl that has heart because she won’t fight back.”

“Whether or not you think throwing a cake is appropriate – it could have been resolved if they had acknowledged my feelings,” Siggy told RadarOnline. “They discounted me and mocked me. The new girl who I brought in said ‘Siggy cries all the time. She’s Soggy Flicker.’ She’s trying to make her own space by stepping on my face.”

Siggy then continued to defend herself from Margaret’s actions saying, “When the new girl came on the show I introduced her, I rolled out the red carpet. She’s like Lily Pulitzer on crack. She references elephant d**k and talks about putting pot on her p**s and marinating herself for her husband. And when cake is thrown across the floor she tells me to take it down a notch? Where’s the respect?”

Siggy added, “I’m all about empowering people. When somebody is punching you in the face you can’t lie down and give in. You’ve gotta start punching back. I want her to fall to her knees so I can empower her to be a better person. I’ve never met a woman like her in my life. She’s just doing this to be famous.”

What are your thoughts about Margaret and what Siggy had to say?

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13 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Slams RHONJ Co-Star Margaret Josephs”

  1. I didn’t like the way Siggy walked into the restaurant and loudly announced her arrival like everyone was supposed to know who she was.

  2. Seems to me & most that have commented that Siggy is in the wrong. I will give her the benefit of the doubt & say I understand her feelings being hurt over the cake. But that’s all.She was ridiculous when she walked in2 that restaurant shouting like a lunatic.If U replay it some of the patrons looked perplexed! She may be from Boca but that gives U the rt to act like a lunatic in public. Her insulting the gals frm calling them trashy, disrespectful & their IQ? What the heck is that abt? She zeroed on Margaret bc she’s the new girl. Then Dolores chimes in with the mind set,” she brought her in so she should stay with Siggy”, I’m paraphrasing. What R we in the mob? Siggy had a hysterectomy recently, she might need hormone replacement! I don’t knw what her deal is but she did display 1 thing to me, she has illusions of grandiosity! Now that is disturbing! I Luv the ceremony & that was super thoughtful on Margarets part! I’m out. Peace!!

    1. Yaaas … The “my town” shtick got old. She’s acting like Boca Raton is some small Main Street USA town population 500.

  3. Soggy was condescending, arrogant and self-absorbed. It was a cake! Get over it. The girls were being playful, and after what they’ve been through, you should have been laughing along with them. But no, it was YOUR cake that they were destroying, your BOCA that they were being rude in, YOUR friend that you needed them to behave themselves with, YOUR feelings that were hurt. You do know that there were others on the trip, right? You were not the most important person there. Telling your friends to f&*k off, calling them animals and stating that your IQ is greater than theirs? If you had said that to me, you’d be in a lot worse shape. I guess producers needed a b!tch this year since Wacko Jacko is gone, and I guess Siggy is stepping up. I would be concerned about your motivational business if I were you.

    Also, not caring for Dolores so far. She has no voice of her own; she’s so far up Siggy’s butt, she can’t breathe. Also, she has no storyline.

    I loved both of them last season, right now, I wish they were gone!

  4. LOL, I know, right!!! Hahahateehehehohoho! I’m going to give you a $1000 cake and all you can do is sit and admire it, while noting the matched wallpaper all atop a silver platter, and thank me evermore….yea, riiight!!

  5. Point 1 – I see Mariah’s photoshop person got a hold of Soggy’s pic, WE ALL know she looks nothing like that! lol
    Point 2 – Soggy is intimidated and rightfully so, she’s boring and has no storyline. So what do stunt queens do when they feel the check slipping away….they create the drama
    Point 3 – Soggy embarrassed everyone the moment they walked in the restaurant. If Soggy can scream across the entire restaurant for a good half hour, why cant Tre & Melissa throw a lil cake in good fun.
    Point 4 – Everyone is tired of everything being about Soggy. Can we just replace her already?

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