Siggy Flicker Slams RHONJ Co-Star Margaret Josephs

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker isn’t impressed with new co-star Margaret Josephs.

“I can’t stand Margaret. She’s not a friend. I don’t have history with her. She doesn’t really care, she thinks she’s God’s gift,” Siggy said of newest Housewife.

In tonight’s episode, we see the battle over #cakegate. Margaret called Siggy, “Soggy Flicker,” for crying about the cake.

This upset Siggy as she said, “You’re calling me Soggy Flicker? Go f**k yourself! This girl is taking shots at me. They thought let’s attack the girl that has heart because she won’t fight back.”

“Whether or not you think throwing a cake is appropriate – it could have been resolved if they had acknowledged my feelings,” Siggy told RadarOnline. “They discounted me and mocked me. The new girl who I brought in said ‘Siggy cries all the time. She’s Soggy Flicker.’ She’s trying to make her own space by stepping on my face.”

Siggy then continued to defend herself from Margaret’s actions saying, “When the new girl came on the show I introduced her, I rolled out the red carpet. She’s like Lily Pulitzer on crack. She references elephant d**k and talks about putting pot on her p**s and marinating herself for her husband. And when cake is thrown across the floor she tells me to take it down a notch? Where’s the respect?”

Siggy added, “I’m all about empowering people. When somebody is punching you in the face you can’t lie down and give in. You’ve gotta start punching back. I want her to fall to her knees so I can empower her to be a better person. I’ve never met a woman like her in my life. She’s just doing this to be famous.”

What are your thoughts about Margaret and what Siggy had to say?

Photo Credit: Bravo