Siggy Flicker Says Timing Is Everything When Healing Broken Relationships


Siggy Flicker is taking to her blog to weigh in on Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. The relationship expert says there is time to heal the broken relationships in the family, but timing is everything.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…TIMING IS EVERYTHING! This applies to a lot of the relationship turmoil that’s happening during this season of RHONJ. I’m so happy to offer my relationship expertise to anyone who’s willing to listen, but unfortunately, I’m not a magician! Ideally, I’d love to see everyone back together as one big happy family but I would need both parties to agree to that. Remember, it takes two to tango!

It’s heartbreaking to see relationships not getting back to where and what they used to be, but it’s important to keep in mind that EVERYONE has a lot going on in their own lives that’s more important to them at the moment; Teresa Giudice is trying to get in as much family time as possible in the short time between her arrival home and Joe’s departure. (Can you imagine the stress?) One person can handle only so much emotionally. The timing just isn’t right to work things out.

There is a big difference between making up with a brother and making up with a cousin. I’m sure Teresa and Joe’s parents had a lot to do with bringing them back together -– they undoubtedly encouraged them to get along –- and I’m sure the children know how much it meant to their parents that they works things out. Richie’s comment certainly didn’t help the situation at all, but knowing Richie, he didn’t intend to cause any harm. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment that we don’t mean.

Some relationships are easy to fix, some take a little time, some may be past the point of repairing. It all comes down to: is it worth it to you at the moment to put in the effort? Down the road, when and if the timing is just right, I hope that this entire group can get along again. Although it doesn’t look like it’s going to be anytime soon, I’m not counting any of these relationships out yet … and neither should you.”

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  • I feel bad for Siggy. I really like her myself, but because she is so neutral and non-controversial so far..(except when she makes people mad by doting on her kids)…that she doesn’t seem to spark a lot of comments. lol.

    • Suze☕️

      Who? Lol xoxoxxo

      • Lol..sadly that is why housewives get the boot. If they are not starting fights, throwing drinks, being bitchy, going to jail, or nailed for tax evasion..they probably aren’t going to get asked back 😀

        • Suze☕️

          Normal life you mean? Lol it is getting ridiculous! Xo

          • Suze, I know you mentioned Cheshire is on now. Is is a new season that they’ve not shown here? Ampika gets on my nerves like Lydia does on Melbourne, but I did feel bad for her about her Dad last season.

            • Suze☕️

              Yes it is it started a few weeks ago season four. Dawn ward said last season she was opening a non surgical procedure clinic in the offices where she lives. Ampika has done the same in her beauty salon! Dawn isn’t happy. Tanya’s baby is just about due. Next week Misse tells them that her and Anderson are growing apart, they have speared now. Seems is getting into trouble with Ampika and Lauren. Dawn quiet at the moment but next week I guess she will explode about Ampika. That’s about it so far, it’s more like how the other shows started out. Xoxoxxo

              • Suze☕️

                Corrections: Anders not Anderson and Seema not seems!

                • Suze☕️

                  Plus separated not speared!

              • Thanks for the update Suze. I really have to watch it again to remember who is who. You are mentioning names and I’m trying to picture some faces and I can’t. Ah well, it will give me something new to look forward to watching…with captions of course.hehe. I’m still loving this season of Melbourne and I know you will as well.

    • texussgal

      G-d bless Siggy. She wants so badly for everyone to just get along. Not sure if she is aware of the “back stories” here, so I’m not sure timing would make one heck of a big difference here. I’m just wondering what happened to Teresa and her just wanting to love, love, love everyone. Guess rather than “blanket” loving everyone, she is going to pick and choose who she wants to forgive. Frankly, she could do worse than Kathy & Rosie. If she wants family to be family, you have to include everyone. Well, you don’t HAVE to if you are Teresa. I can’t wait to see who turns on her next. Should be interesting. Just when she should be gathering all her friends & family around, she is choosing to be picky. Her girls need all the love and attention she can expose them to. What kind of an example is she setting for them anyway? They are sooo impressionable right now. C’mon Tre, wise up here woman.

      • Anonymous

        I hate Siggy Flicker.

    • Being she is a relationship expert, it strikes me as odd that she talks over her own children, the most important relationship there is. Her Son tried to explain, and she actually said she can’t listen for 5 minutes! Wow. Only one minute, she said. That pretty much said it all, since not much can be said of importance in one minute. But I like her anyway.
      I like Delores also. I think Delores is way to dependent on her ex, but that is so obvious I can’t believe I felt the need to say it. Starting a business with a “partner” then expecting the partner to handle everything is a very juvenile attitude. Responsibility in business means taking responsibility even when shit happens.

      • Anonymous

        What makes Flicker an “expert”?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand Siggy Flicker & hope she is GONE next season. I’m afraid she might be back because of how much time she spends sucking up to Teresa.

  • Krista

    I think Siggy should just stay out of Teresa’s personal business but I don’t think her ego will let her….