Siggy Flicker Says Teresa Giudice is One of a Kind

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker recently talked about what she thinks makes Teresa Giudice one of a kind.

Siggy said on the podcast Andy’s Girls that “you can’t compare anybody to Teresa. What you see is what you get. Over and over again. Who can ever say that they met another person who has had to endure the kind of pain and suffering that this woman has gone through? With going to jail, coming home, having your husband go to jail, recently her mother passed away. She truly is a survivor.”

Siggy then went on to praise all the “unbelievable families” that have been on RHONJ throughout the years.

“If you’re ever lucky enough to witness the love between Chris Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita, it’s a love story, I mean, they’re so on board and in tune to one another. Even the Wakiles, I never met a man who was so obsessed with his wife like Richie and Kathy. The love is so strong between the Wakiles, the Lauritas, between the Giudices. Right before Joe [Giudice] went away, I was with him and Teresa where every time you looked at her, his eyes would well with tears. I mean, the love, the love between. I mean, if you ever met my husband, he thinks I’m the first word and the last word in the dictionary,” Siggy said. “Joe Gorga, he’s 100 percent obsessed with Melissa. He loves his family, he loves his wife. That’s what makes Jersey so delicious. It’s that these marriages, these relationships are so strong, authentic, true, and there’s just so much love there that if anybody ever crosses that line and says something about somebody else’s spouse, it’s like, oh my God. War goes. It’s like all hell broke loose.”

Do you agree with Siggy?

Photo Credit: Bravo