Siggy Flicker Says Bravo Isn’t Airing Her Side of the Story with Margaret Josephs

Siggy Flicker has been under fire this season on RHONJ. Siggy is calling out Bravo for their editing, saying that they are making her behavior look erratic. Flicker also shares her thoughts about new Housewife, Margaret Josephs’ relentless “attacks.”

In an entry on her personal website, Siggy writes, “We are almost half way through the season and all I can say is the Episodes are as surprising to me as they are to you,” she wrote. “I wish you had been there to see what was actually said that caused my reactions. I don’t react without reason and I refuse to blame my reactions to my hysterectomy or hormones.”

As for the tension Siggy has with Marge, Siggy says was defending herself “in response to attacks. Attacks on what I hold dear. Attacks on my husband, my friends, my hysterectomy, my profession and my mental state by a person who knows nothing about me and who does not care about the consequences of her reckless attacks.”

“Unless you have spotted the disjointed nature of some exchanges, you cannot reconcile my reactions without the nasty underhanded comments that prompt my responses.”

“The camera doesn’t lie. I shimmied (my real boobs); I stuck my tongue out; I teared up; I made faces and I mentioned her cheap knock offs,” Flicker admitted. “Unfortunately, Margaret’s side of the exchange seems to have been lost. Why did I resort to such antics?”

“Margaret couches her attacks in dismissive language and snarky comments that cut to the bone – always focusing on her targets of choice – whether it be me or Dolores: insane, unhinged, hypocrite, follower, minion, yes girl, soggy. If she were truly joking, she would use the same approach with all of us. She doesn’t. She focuses her special brand of attack on me. As soon as I respond, she immediately hones in on my profession – up until this episode I never mentioned her career or her less than fabulous brand.”

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  • Larry

    Soggy you are bat sh&t crazy !! Please go away I️ threw up in my mouth with your pellets in your ass

    • suse

      Lol, they are injected into our buttocks, I’m getting them next Thursday. Not in the hole. I hope I don’t go NUTS first!!!

      • Melinda Loy

        TMI. Nobody cares about your menopause issues. Please.

      • Faux Gibbler

        You can talk about your issues all you want. So how did it go?

  • suse

    We STILL don’t know what set her off on a NUT TRIP. Editing cannot undo or cause that crazy. I was hoping for a reason here. But, more deflecting and tripping.

  • Pierre

    She does look erratic but I have to say it is entertaining as hell and great for housewives!! She is unpredictable, emotional and volatile and I love it lol. Every franchise needs characters like this.

  • Boo

    Isn’t that a go to in every franchise, when they don’t like how their portrayed, they cry Editing!! I call bullshit.
    You can’t edit siggys brand of crazy!!

  • justanothermary

    Bravo hates it when their “stars” use editing as an excuse for their bad behavior. No one in “editing” threw Siggy on the floor in front of all her guests and they certainly did not force her to stick out her tongue like a 2 year old when she was angry with Margret. How on Earth did editing splice together Siggy saying that she’s the most talented person on the planet and make it look so convincing?

  • ladybear

    I’m a Gemini and I keep the crazy tucked away for special occasions. Joe and Rosie are both Geminis and while they have their fair share of faults and bull shit… they’re nowhere near being this narcissistic and unhinged. I couldn’t believe at her house that she has so many photos of herself! And her other house with her hubby she has flicker posted all over it. Isn’t flicker the last name from her first husband?

  • Melinda Loy

    The scene with the pellets was one I’m so sorry I watched. Just about made me throw up. First of all Siggy’s butt is a jiggly flat pancake and then to see that pellet thing. Ugh. That was just disgusting.