Siggy Flicker Quits Real Housewives of New Jersey

Siggy Flicker has quit RHONJ. After a long season of feuding with new Housewife Margaret Josephs, Sig is announcing through Bravo that she won’t be returning to the show.

“After much reflection and Bravo’s support, I have decided that this will be my last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am grateful to the network for allowing me to be part of this successful franchise and wish only the best for Teresa, Melissa, Dolores, Danielle and Margaret. At this time, I want to focus on my beautiful family, my growing business and some exciting new projects,” she said in a statement.

This season, Siggy has talked about bad editing from production that makes her look unhinged. “Call me crazy and unhinged all you want, but I would rather be me than calculated, condescending and dishonest… I’m sure the self-proclaimed Joan Rivers of the Real Housewives will reveal what prompted my saying she was the ugliest person in the world for making fun of me. Go on, ask her. She’s banking on you not demanding to see the exchange in its entirety. I have a great idea, let’s put the Real back in Real Housewives of New Jersey,” she wrote on her personal blog. “The camera doesn’t lie. I shimmied (my real boobs); I stuck my tongue out; I teared up; I made faces and I mentioned her cheap knock offs. Unfortunately Margaret’s side of the exchange seems to have been lost.”

Will you miss Siggy? Comment below.

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30 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Quits Real Housewives of New Jersey”

  1. Ni, I will not miss her. I am glad she is seeing that she needs to leave for her own sanity and to save her business. She sure allows people to push her buttons and reacts poorly when they do. Deep breath in – deep breath out Sig. Good Luck!

  2. Well this is sad because I really liked Siggy. She was real and has a good heart. I don’t blame her for leaving though. All Bravo and Andy does is try to make them look bad, which ruins relationships and families. I’m glad siggy was smart enough to get out while her family and career is still intact.

  3. I really enjoyed Siggy originally, but you can’t blame all of this season on editing. I think there’s something a whole lot more than hormones going on with her. I miss the old Siggy and wish her the best.

  4. I’m not buying the “she quit” story … and I suspect Lavoris is next. They’re merely making room for Danielle and Kim D. as full timers next season. I won’t be surprised if Jack Daniels doesn’t show her (surgically enhanced) face next season as well.

    1. Oh im sure it is a “quit or get fired you choose” type thing…hence the nod to rhonj producers…shes a huge liability and the producers hate when housewives go rogue on SM

  5. Siggy will be missed a lot, not just by me, but a ton of other people who saw through Margaret’s total bullshit!! Next week we all get to see how sad and hurt she is by the distance between herself and some of her stepchildren. It’s so personal and agonizing for her that she’s gonna put it on national tv for everyone to see her talking with her ex about his children to see if he might can help them get over the fact she cheated on their dad under their roof. Yet, she still tells all about how her and Joe met. Oh yes, Margaret is a real class ASS!!!

  6. Complicated. Margaret is a sleezball and ridiculous and her remark on Hitler isn’t at all funny to the daughter of a Holocaust survivor ever— very insensitive to put it mildly. I do think Siggy overplayed it from what we saw on the program. Margaret gives me the creeps—she’s been sued a lot so question her business practices and ethics. But, the show is a bunch of Jersey girls and they are all over the top.

    1. I 100% agree!!! I been watching all the housewives show since day one and now all they do is act! Bad acting I might say! Everything is so over the top anymore. I usually just fast forward them anymore. Don”t these women and their families get embarrassed by how they act!? I laughed when Danielle said her children were emotional hurt by the show. You did as much damage to them as others please girl!! She is just like Teresa blames everyone for their misbehaving but themselves. Take accountability for your actions. I don’t know what it is about Margaret but when she talks I want to smack her. She fits right in with New Jersey housewives she is dirty just like the rest of them.

      1. Agree and Margaret is skanky. I don’t have a lot of respect for her overall, at least the way she is being portrayed and then there are the lawsuits……Nice

  7. Siggy was a totally different person this season. Liked her last season, but she was way weird this season. Excited to see how Delores is next season(if she comes back) without Siggy!

    1. Right! I really wanted to like Delores this season and I can’t because she’s been stuck so far up Soggy’s Flicker, so I am looking forward to a calmer Delores

  8. I am so glad Siggy is leaving. I used to love her and Dullores on their first season — they were like Lucy and Ethel. This season, they are co-dependent hag psychos and I dislike them immensely now. Siggy can claim bad editing all she wants, but what we saw was all her. I don’t think that anything Margaret or the others did was so bad that she should have behaved the way she did. She either lost her mind or was trying to get a storyline and boy, did she ever! Good riddance.

  9. I like Siggy, but I also think this isn’t the right place for her to be. I believe in editing they did cut out things Margaret said. I still think they should shake it right up and bring in a new cast.

  10. I still don’t understand how Melissa got held responsible for throwing the cake. I guess Teresa’s the star and is untouchable. Fascinating dynamic.

      1. Gurrllll – If I never have to lay eyes on her fake face and fat hands or hear her screeching or whining again – Ill be a happy hooker!!!

  11. I’ll miss her. I heard the backstory on what was going on with Margret that we didn’t get to see before we met her onscreen; she’s a bit slithery, that one. Yes, Siggy was getting on my nerves with her outbursts (a clear reflection of her hormonal issues during menopause), but as a woman of a certain age I understand, and I’m glad she got the pellets inserted into her bum. Wish her continued success. She can actually be very funny and endearing when she’s not pressed about Princess Pigtails.

  12. They always blame the editing. She cries every time a word is spoken, FGSakes. Saying “Hitler” isn’t reason to go into an emotional tailspin. I never cared for her. she mocked Melissa in front of 50 people, but it’s not OK for Margaret to say the name Hitler? She never fit in, and she needs to allow her son to grow up. I am so glad she is leaving. Margaret is boring too, and I hope she leaves also.

  13. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!! IS THIS A BELATED CHRISTMAS MIRACLE??! Oh this is the best news going into 2018! Thank you Bravo, thank you God. Now someone tell Margaret to get her attorney on the phone, 50% of all #SoggyFlicker $$$ belongs to Margaret

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