Siggy Flicker Opens Up About RHONJ Filming Drama and Teresa Giudice

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming the new season and in a new interview, Siggy Flicker is opening up about how Teresa Giudice got wild during a trip to Boca.

“Teresa got out of control,” Siggy shared, adding that Giudice has had a difficult time with her husband Joe away in prison and the death of her mother. “Teresa has had a very, very hard time.”

“Teresa and Melissa got a well deserved break this year,” Flicker told RadarOnline of the new season and tough filming schedule. “I’ve always been successful in bringing people together. But things changed this season. They don’t want the Little House on the Prairie. It can be very sad sometimes.”

And while in Boca on a trip, Siggy revealed Teresa was out of control during a fight they had. “You have to know your worth. It’s about knowing your worth and concentrating on your journey. My goal in life is to be happy. I told myself, stop surrounding yourself with toxic people. So I stopped hanging out with the new girl and stayed friends with Teresa. She never turned on me.”

Siggy also reveals that Teresa is having a tough time being a single mother. “Teresa talks about Joe,” she shared, adding that Giudice is not frustrated with her husband. “She’s honest. She talks about how hard it is. She’s constantly on the go. I’ll be with her and the phone will ring, and it will be Joe. She always picks up.”

Flicker also revealed that Teresa is praying her husband won’t be deported and added that maybe Teresa’s friendship with President Donald Trump could help in the situation. “With Teresa the energy just works. The chemistry just works. I say to her, ‘I love you. You’re nothing but a friend to me.'”

Siggy also defended Teresa against cheating rumors, saying, “Teresa does not have a boyfriend.”

Are you excited for the new season of RHONJ?

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