Siggy Flicker Gives Luann de Lesseps Dating Advice

As you may know, RHONY star Luann de Lesseps has had some bad-luck recently when it comes to relationships. She recently divorced her bad-boy husband, Tom D’Agostino.

That is where RHONJ star Siggy Flicker, who is a relationship expert, can come in handy.

“I think Luann should stay being fabulous,” Siggy said while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “In life, you have to take risks. A man’s rejection is God’s protection. You go out there, you get rejected, it makes you stronger.”

Siggy also added, “But she loved him so much she wanted to believe him. Sometimes, a man can be with other women, but then when he looks into her eyes,” Siggy explained. “He’s saying, ‘Baby, we can do it,’ but she bought it at that time, they got married, and now she’s single. I’m not worried about her. She’s fabulous.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Gives Luann de Lesseps Dating Advice”

  1. This is the only article about Siggy I spent the time to find. Siggy needs to back off…..of everyone. I really hope she doesn’t give advice about what to do & say to your children when they turn 18. LET HIM GROW UP. You, Siggy, are laying a guilt trip on him simply because he has nothing to say to you at every moment of every freaking day. Not every person needs or wants to discuss ad nauseum every detail that YOU are feeling. Allow the poor young man to think without your constant input.

  2. Everyone who is down of Siggy better start looking in the mirror. How is your life? How many people have you really helped? Siggy is a jersey girl – down to earth, smart and successful. I feel alot of jealousy in the air. Her advice is heartfelt and helpful; worth its weight in gold. You nay sayers need to grow up.

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