Siggy Flicker and Caroline Manzo Talk RHONJ on WWHL


Caroline Manzo and Siggy Flicker appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night and the two dished on each of their respective shows with Andy Cohen.

The poll question of the night was asking viewers whose side they were on between Teresa Giudice or her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. Andy asked Caroline for her opinion. “Kathy is good people and Rosie’s good people and they’re doing it from their heart. So, I’d like for Teresa to open up her heart and realize that people make mistakes and say bad things that they don’t mean sometimes. I think it’s time she grows up and accepts them back.”

“I agree with her,” Siggy added. “I think Kathy is great, Rosie is great, but I think Teresa is even better. What people don’t understand is Rosie and Kathy’s mom and Teresa’s father are brother and sister and it starts there. There’s bitterness there. So it’s generations upon generations that aren’t getting along and I think right now if Teresa says, ‘I don’t want to have a relationship with you.’ You should say, ‘Fine,’ and back off.”

When Caroline challenged Siggy if it was for the right reason, Siggy said we will sooner or later find out if it’s for the right reason, but insisted Kathy and Rosie should still give Teresa her space right now.

Andy turned to Caroline and said he “assumed” she wasn’t in touch with Teresa. “No,” Manzo replied.

A caller asked Caroline how she can be friends with Dolores Catania when she’s friends with Teresa. “I don’t own anybody. It’s anybody’s right to be friends with whoever they’d like to and have a relationship with whoever they’d like to. You come to my house and treat me with respect, I’m going to treat you with respect. They deserve respect, as any friendship does. I don’t fault her, I don’t blame her, that’s her right to be friends with whoever she wants. Teresa and I don’t get along, that’s the way of it, and Teresa would say the same thing. It doesn’t matter.”

Another caller asked Siggy what the hardest thing is about being a new Housewife. “It was hard for me to navigate through the relationships. When Jacqueline fights with Teresa, that really upset me deeply, and we’ll see it coming up. I don’t like for anybody to fight. It’s hard for me because there’s so much history and I love these girls.”

Andy mentioned that Dina Manzo tweeted in and said, “@siggyflicker gives great advice! You go girl”

Then, he asked Caroline if everything was still fine between her and her sister. Caroline shook her head as Andy looked shocked. “It’s over,” she said. “What are you going to do? Can’t get blood out of a rock.”

Danielle Staub also tweeted in. “why the double standard @carolinemanzo you didn’t allow anyone to be friends with me but now ?….”

“Because, Danielle Staub, thanks for watching, number one, and number two, you and I never had any kind of relationship, so I don’t want to be around the people that are around you,” Caroline fired back. “So maybe it’s my end. Twitter world, go for it!”

Another caller asked Manzo if she would ever consider returning to RHONJ. “Wow. I can’t go back to what was. So, things would have to change, relationships would have to change, it would have to be a better place to be.”

Siggy and Caroline also agreed that Teresa and Jacqueline will eventually make up because of their history and how much they genuinely care about each other.

Andy asked Caroline what she thinks of Teresa and Melissa’s new relationship. “I hope it’s genuine,” Caroline said, when Andy asked on whose part, she said, “Both. Because the fight that stopped the world, nobody ever knew what it was. I don’t think they knew what it was, it was just so old that they forgot what it really was. I hope that it’s genuine. I’m not in the mix anymore, I can’t give a real vibe and it’s not fair of me to say one thing or another. I hope it’s genuine.”

Kathy and Rosie won the poll 53% to Teresa’s 47%.

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  • Suze☕️

    I didn’t see the programme but from what I have read Caroline didn’t do too well against Siggy. Not surprising really. I have read quite a bit about it so my comment isn’t coming out of nowhere!

  • texussgal

    Personally, I think the whole show was absolutely absurd. I did not see it either, but from what I have read here, none of it is particularily relative to anything. Caroline Manzo talking about RHONJ is not relavant to anything. She wanted out and she is out with her own show. Comment from Danielle Staub was also totally not necessary. OMG Andy, c’mon and provide things that aren’t years old!!!!!!!


    Caroline always had a very hard, masculine edge about her and she acted like a little girl around Al. I found it all very disturbing actually.

  • Geminigirl

    What’s crazy was when Dina called Caroline out for her hypocrisy! I was like…about time!

  • Anonymous

    How many times does Siggy Flicker’s 17 year old son have to tell her to STOP touching him (rubbing his butt cheek, thighs, etc.) before she stops? In my opinion, Joshua has made it more than clear to his mother that what she’s doing makes him uncomfortable.
    I firmly believe that if a father was doing this to his 17 year old daughter, CPS and the authorities would have been involved immediately.

  • I just watched this on my DVR and didn’t think that it was Caroline vs. Sizzy at all. They are both strong minded and opinioned women who did just that…shared opinions about the questions they were asked. It’s Andy who kept asking questions of Caroline about RHNJ instead of Manz’d with children. Danielle is desperate as usual with no relevance and it was Andy that pushed the Dina question.

    • Michelle

      I totally agree, Freedom Girl. I watched the show and thought the same.

  • VV

    Surprisingly the Felon didn’t win the poll guess all the TreApes weren’t watching

    • duffs

      LOL I call them Tre-huggers!

  • Marcy

    Richie , Kathy , Rosie , Probably had bloody fingers from calling in to vote. No limit on how many times you can vote. Not everyone can vote due too state and time zone….

  • VV

    Always excuses for the disgusting Felon

    • duffs


  • Nan

    Everytime Teresa opens her mouth it is quite clear that she hasn’t learned a thing. She continues to pretend to be a victim.. Her children need anger management even moreso with the past year of their mom’s yearlong “book tour!” Calling DR PHil!!!