Siggy Flicker Calls RHONJ Co-Stars Trash

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the drama continued over the cake Siggy Flicker had made for Melissa Gorga’s birthday.

After Teresa Giudice and Melissa were having a little bit of fun throwing the $1,000 cake around, Siggy was livid, as she felt disrespected by her friends.

“So f*cking classy,” Flicker said. “We’re going to have to explain to the restaurant that we’re from Jersey.”

“My IQ is a lot higher than these girls. Since you guys act like animals, I’m going to act like an animal too. You girls can go f*ck yourselves,” Flicker continued, telling her BFF, Dolores Catania, “Next time you bring your friends to my f*cking town, you better make sure they don’t act like this.”

Siggy’s words really offended Teresa, Melissa, Danielle Staub and new Housewife, Margaret Josephs.

“We were playing, we were having a good time,” Melissa said, telling Teresa that a cake fight was “what you’re supposed to do when it’s somebody’s birthday.”

“How dare she say she’s more intelligent than all of us,” Danielle said. “Siggy’s behavior screams control freak. She controlled everything: the cake, where we were going to eat. But the moment we started to have fun and she lost control? She lost her sh*t.”

“I think she owes us an apology. I never saw her act like this,” Margaret Josephs added.

But there was no stopping Siggy’s feelings. “We were all a little drunk last night but that’s no excuse for throwing a cake. I feel humiliated, I feel disrespected,” she admitted. “I’m always thinking about everybody else’s feelings and wanting to do the best for everybody else and no one was thinking about my feelings.”

“I can’t get my head around the fact that I put my heart and soul into making this weekend perfect for my friends and in return, my friends embarrass me,” she continued. “What happened last night to me was crossing a line.”

Siggy didn’t join Gorga, Giudice, Staub and Josephs’ morning yoga beach party and met up with them later at her friend Lori Konsker’s house for a fun afternoon.

“Before we go inside, I want you to know I felt like last night I think things got a little bit too far,” Siggy told the girls prior to entering Konsker’s house. “That cake was flung halfway through the room and I’m hoping that tennis rackets go flying. We’re going to my friend’s house, please f*cking respect it, okay?”

This didn’t sit well with Melissa. “I feel like I’m being schooled,” Gorga told viewers. “I am classy but I really want to tell you to go f*ck off.”

At a later dinner at Siggy’s house, Melissa finally told Flicker how she felt. “You really thought that after just us being playful with a cake we were going to apologize to you and apologize for us being playful?” Melissa asked. “[Teresa] putting a little cake on me was just fun.”

“Why didn’t you call either me or Melissa and apologize to us for the derogatory things that you said,” Teresa added, referring to Siggy’s IQ and diss on being from Jersey.

“Margaret was trying to make light of it like, ‘Oh Siggy it’s not a big deal,’ So I said ‘Go f*ck yourself. It is a big deal.’ Why is it that I’m not allowed to have feelings?” Siggy asked.

This set Margaret off. “What if it was like a real crisis? What reaction would you have?” Josephs said. “I don’t cry over that. Why cry about a cake? Siggy, better known as ‘Soggy Flicker’ with all the crying.”

“You have no compassion. You’re like an ice princess,” Siggy fired back. “So is everybody going to kiss Teresa’s ass? You want to crawl up her ass right now? Because you guys were invited here, you’re my guests!” Siggy addressed the group. “You don’t get it. Let me be a kindergarten teacher ’cause you guys are not getting it. Your points, to me, are stupid.”

“We’re not judging you, why are you judging us?” Gorga snapped. “Don’t say IQ, don’t say stupid, don’t say we don’t understand. Oh my God, remind me to go out with fun people the next time I go out on my birthday!”

“I expect my friends to have a level of class when you’re in a public restaurant,” Siggy said. “I knew people in this restaurant. This is my town. You can continue going out and acting like trash if you want to.”

“There’s two things that you do not call women in Jersey. Stupid or trash,” Gorga said.

“That’s f*cking wrong. Siggy, you don’t refer to your friends and people you’re having dinner with as trash,” Danielle added over dinner. “I can’t hear trash. I’m not f*cking trash. Never use that word in my presence again!”

Teresa stood up and said, “No one calls me and my sister-in-law trash. Sorry I’m out of here.”

“You know what this proves to me? They don’t really give a sh*t about me,” Siggy concluded. “We started off the weekend as four friends. Twenty-four hours later two people came in, sneaky Margaret and crazy Danielle, and next thing you know, there’s a dissension here. What happened?”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Siggy overreact? Comment below and let’s discuss.

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4 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Calls RHONJ Co-Stars Trash”

  1. Yes, she over reacted but that’s her personality – she usually overreacts – very loudly.
    As far as cake gate – they were wrong for throwing the cake like that.
    So…they are ALL wrong and none of them ever wants to apologize.
    Wrong = wrong = wrong. No rights here.

  2. sigh…this is why I have never liked Siggy……hello Bravo, she can be replaced, we like Danielle2.0 better, let her go inspire others somewhere else

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