Siggy Flicker Admits She Overreacted About the Cake, Apologizes For Name-Calling

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night and had a lot to say about what’s been happening on the show.

First, Siggy shocked Andy when she admitted she overreacted to cake-gate. “Listen, I think you have to get to know me. I’m very dramatic. I have a lot of energy and I got very excited. For me, once the cake was thrown, it was over for me,” she explained. “What kept it alive is that my friends didn’t want to acknowledge my feelings. Nobody wanted to apologize. Somebody spent three hours making that cake and it was disrespectful not only to the cake maker, but to the restaurant.”

Flicker also apologized for calling her cast mates names. “What I called them was wrong. I called them animals, [said] their act was trashy.”

Siggy also talked about her sit-down with Margaret. “It was the first time she was actually getting to know me. In Boca, all I did was welcome this new girl because she’s a mutual friend. I was defending myself for the first time.”

Siggy’s BFF Dolores Catania was in the audience and Sig was asked about Dolores kissing her ass. “It’s a joke. You have to know Dolores. Dolores beats to her own drum. I follow Dolores if anything. Dolores doesn’t follow me.” Dolores added, “We follow each other.” Siggy continued, “I would be proud not only to follow her, but to kiss her ass.”

A caller asked Siggy if she was too hard on Teresa, because Giudice was still mourning the loss of her mother. “I do feel horrible and I’ve been with Teresa. I’ve been a great friend to her, but you know sometimes when things go a little bit overboard, I can’t walk on egg shells. All I was saying is, if we were having a cake fight at the table it’s one thing. I spilled wine at the table it’s one thing. To take it and throw it across the floor at a restaurant, the restaurant that I brought you to, all I wanted for her to say was ‘You know what I don’t think it’s a big deal. I threw cake at a restaurant, but I see that you’re upset. You planned this trip. I love you. As your friend, I want to say I’m sorry.’ I got zero.”

“Am I over the top, loud, and annoying? Yes. I’m going to own it, but everybody there already knows me,” Siggy explained of her behavior in Boca. “Michael and I are going to Boca tomorrow morning and I’m going to be walking into the restaurant the same way.”

Lastly, she had a few words to describe Margaret Josephs. When asked to describe Josephs in three words, Siggy said, “Crass, heartless, and eccentric.”

What is your reaction to what Siggy said? Let’s chat.

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13 Replies to “Siggy Flicker Admits She Overreacted About the Cake, Apologizes For Name-Calling”

  1. She was hurt I get it. No excuse 2 belittle or call them names. She takes them 2a friends house & tells them 2 behave! WTF! She was vicious & sanctimonious. Not buying her crap. I never trusted her or Dolores. They always defended Jac the wack. Now we knw they’re cut by the same pattern! Makes a lot of sense! I’m out. Peace!

      1. Jac the wack is Jacqueline! They defended her non-stop& that was disingenuous bc Jac the wack was cruel & very malicious when Teresa returned. Friends don’t treat friends in that manner! IMO!
        Siggy& Dolores worked it! Now we have 2contend with a hormonal loud mouth & her self appointed bodyguard!
        I’m out. Peace!

  2. ugh…when the raven calls the crow black……so she can walk into a restaurant screaming like a wild banshee, but cake ends up on the floor and now decorum and social graces must be observed….foh….Soggy is trying real hard to keep her check, but between her and Delorzzzzzzz it’s time for new cast members on RHONJ

  3. So…does that mean you won’t keep bringing it up over and over and over again? I am sick to death of hearing about it. And yes…it was def rude of [them] to throw that beautiful cake like that.
    Two wrongs – no rights about it.

  4. Does Siggy EVER shut up? I cannot stand this woman.
    She has such good parents-how did she turn out so obnoxious? IMHO, this is why her son doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Plus, she can’t seem to keep her hands off him. Remember last season when he told her, “Dad doesn’t touch my butt.” SICK! My skin crawls when I hear Siggy screaming, “JOSHUA!”
    Interesting that Siggy’s daughter is no longer on the show. Follow suit, Siggy!

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