Sidney Barney Sending Cease and Desist Letter to Mom Tamra Judge?

The on-going battle with Tamra Judge and her estranged daughter Sidney Barney just keeps getting worse. After Sidney wrote an open statement about the situation, a new report claims that the teenager is sending a cease and desist letter to her mother.

“It seems like this is what it is going to take to keep Tamra from talking. Sidney wishes it hadn’t come to this point, but it seems that it has,” a source close to Sidney told RadarOnline. “Her only wish is that Tamra stop talking about their relationship on social media.”

Tamra, took to a now deleted Instagram post to defend herself. “I want to say thank you to everyone that has reached out to me to see if I’m okay… We are trying our best to enjoy our vacation. Thank you to my Mom who is not taking this very well and feels the need to defend me. I love you Mom. I love my daughter and I would NEVER abuse, hurt or neglect her in any way.”

“All Sidney wants is for Tamra to keep her mouth shut about her and leave her alone. The fact is she is not doing that, which is unacceptable.”

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12 Replies to “Sidney Barney Sending Cease and Desist Letter to Mom Tamra Judge?”

  1. The problem with Tamara is that she enjoys the pity party she’s created. If she sought her daughter’s interest rather than her own, she would respect what Sidney has been pleading with her not to do all along.

  2. I agree Tamra is a selfish woman……. BUT she is also a mom and with all these people sticking their nose into her relationship with her daughter she has NO chance of every being able to help solve this horrible situation. Who actually thinks Sydney thought of this cease and desist letter all on her own? Sounds like a Simon and Wretched move. Sydney is being programmed to hate her mother, and those filling her head with bad things are just so sad. Why does someone have to win in this? No one wins when a mother and daughter are torn apart. No one and I mean NO one knows what type of parent Tamra is and none of us know AT ALL what has happened in their home over the years. I totally agree that Tamra has her priorities in the wrong place but she has never said she doesn’t love her daughter. The only way this will ever be solved is when Sydney matures and decides that sitting down and discussing her issues with her mother (with or without a counselor but hopefully with a professional there to moderate and keep things cool) Nothing will change unless Simon backs off and that thing they call Wretched stops sticking her nose in other peoples business. I saw a quote from Wretch a couple of days ago and she said she just could not walk away and not get involved because this child was hurting way to much and she felt it was her duty of fix it. Wretch is no mom, she has no brain, she has no experience (and babysitting in your teens does not count).
    The relationship between a mom and a child is special and it has been ruined and it is so sad. Everyone including Tamra Simon, sydney wretched all need to get the f off of reality tv and work on your family.

    1. Tamra is using this storyline to gain coverage. Her daughter has told her time and time again not to talk about her on the show and she continues to do so. If she really LOVED her daughter and cared about their relationship, she’d get off of reality T.V. Very simple. And start walking the walk of a Christian instead of just “talking” the talk of a Christian.

  3. Stop manipulating your daughter’s relationship with you as a storyline to gain sympathy points and you won’t have these problems. She has repeatedly told you publicly that she is embarrassed by your behavior on the show and does not want to have any part of the reality tv circus that you thrive off of. Any woman worth her salt would at least try to handle her business off camera instead of parading herself around as a victim who has the unmitigated gall to feature herself onscreen as a keynote speaker for an organization claiming advocacy for sketchy characters crying abandonment. Many young adult teens are more than capable of discerning when they are in psychologically skewed relationships with dysfunctional parents, and I don’t think Sydney’s wishes should be discounted or flat out ignored. I’ve seen enough of Tamra’s deeds and works onscreen to empathize with what that girl may be going through.

  4. Her daughter is her only storyline so it’s doubtful she’ll stop. However, she could take up the Eddie’s gay rumor. I’d like to hear more about that. Or maybe she could train Shannon to become a bodybuilder. That I’d like to see.

  5. This is not a battle you can win now. Focus on your other children and tell them to love her as if she were there all along. Your husband loves you more than the stars in the night sky. His eye sparkle when he looks at you. Do not be worried about the past or the future. Do not waste anger or hurt on the words or actions of others. You have children to rear, a husband to nurture, and a business to run. Although I am not much of a religious person and I fail my God as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, I know Proverbs says,”Answer not a fool according to their folly lest they be wise in their own deceit…..” Take more time to give to others than than to take offense. It makes us feel better inside even though there are so many around you who say so many hurtful things. It is a lot easier and kinder to give an Hermes enamel bracelet than to get bailed out of jail for throwing it at them. just sayin’…… wishing you much luck………

  6. Sidney wants to stay out of the public eye, yet she posted that long facebook rant to the public!!! I think she’s full of shit and loves the attention she’s getting. She is a spoiled brat IMO

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