Sidney Barney Sending Cease and Desist Letter to Mom Tamra Judge?

The on-going battle with Tamra Judge and her estranged daughter Sidney Barney just keeps getting worse. After Sidney wrote an open statement about the situation, a new report claims that the teenager is sending a cease and desist letter to her mother.

“It seems like this is what it is going to take to keep Tamra from talking. Sidney wishes it hadn’t come to this point, but it seems that it has,” a source close to Sidney told RadarOnline. “Her only wish is that Tamra stop talking about their relationship on social media.”

Tamra, took to a now deleted Instagram post to defend herself. “I want to say thank you to everyone that has reached out to me to see if I’m okay… We are trying our best to enjoy our vacation. Thank you to my Mom who is not taking this very well and feels the need to defend me. I love you Mom. I love my daughter and I would NEVER abuse, hurt or neglect her in any way.”

“All Sidney wants is for Tamra to keep her mouth shut about her and leave her alone. The fact is she is not doing that, which is unacceptable.”

Photo Credit: Bravo