Show Contestant Claims He Was Duped By The Kandi Factory!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss’ spin-off show, ‘The Kandi Factory’ premiered Tuesday night and there’s already an unhappy contestant! Matthew Solomon, a 19-year-old college student had dreams of becoming a rock star, and won during the pilot episode Kandi’s show, but he’s telling friends his hopes have been crushed.

Solomon’s good friend Jamie Rose tells RumorFix exclusively, “Kandi really messed Matthew up emotionally. She promised him all kind of things like fame and that he was going to go far and make an album, and would even be opening for people like Nicki Minaj. Kandi promised him all this fame which he never got.”

“The show was not supportive of Matthew, and didn’t give him royalties he made from the song,” the friend says, adding that his song was taken off iTunes months after its release.

Matthew felt like he was “brain washed” just to participate in the show, with Kandi and show producers telling him, “We’re going to get you famous, this is what’s gonna happen, you’re going to go far,” the friend revealed.

Although Solomon ultimately got what the show “promises” in its description (a song and music video), he still feels betrayed, used and lied to as he claims he was promised much more when the cameras weren’t around. “He and Kandi built a very strong relationship. She told Matthew if he needed anything that he could go to her,” Matthew’s friend adds.

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8 Replies to “Show Contestant Claims He Was Duped By The Kandi Factory!”

  1. Oh please Matthew knew going on the show that he had a 50/50 chance of getting picked. While Matthew did ok he did not interact with the people as Solomon did and she to had a 50/50 chance getting picked. Why is it when people go on these shows they want to tell that they were misstreated? Look at it when people have Gordon Ramsay” Kitchen Nightmares, Kell’s Kitchen; Kandi Factory; DWtS; American Idol; and other shows than they want to cry and say they were not treated right, HAY did or didn’t you ever see the show???

  2. I stumbled on Kandi-factory re-run this morning and it was great! I thought I was over Bravo set-ups and staged reality – but Kandi and her crew of professionals were fun and entertaining to watch. (Like a behind-the-scenes view of The Voice or Idol) They are all interesting professionals and know what they are doing. Don’t know Mathew’s specific complaints, but if your song doesn’t take off….it’s on you. Maybe he didn’t have what it takes to take the next steps after Kandi’s launch.

    I’ll watch again

  3. ….starting to seem like a reoccurring thing with Kandi. What about Miss Lawrence and Kim Zolciak….they have similar stories with their songs being yanked from them and Kandi taking her ball and going home.

  4. Lazy kids of America, all want to be famous and get rich quick crap. Too dumb, too lazy to get an education and work for your wealth. This country has a crisis shortage of engineers. Thousands of jobs sit open and unfilled year after year.

    … and we have to watch these kids all want to sing, dance, be movie stars.. it all started (if I recall) with American Idol.. what a idiot show and all its spin offs.

    Not everyone, as a matter of fact, very few have the true talent and discipline to make it big. If this kid doesn’t get that, it’s his problem.

  5. Kandi shouldn’t be promising a single on iTunes and then take the kids song of after the show airs? How was the boy supposed to perform the single and have his platform if it was taken of iTunes…kandi needs to make up with these contestants if it wasn’t for the pilot episode she wouldn’t of has a series.. The pilot reached 1.4million viewers and her new show only has 633,000 viewers obviously it wasn’t just kandi who made the ratings high it was the contestants. I saw the pilot episode and kandi treated both of them like crap!!!

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