Should Phaedra Parks Not Return To RHOA Season 6? Wendy Williams Blasts Phaedra!


During Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion NeNe Leakes hinted a cast member should be replaced before the women start filming Season 6, and talk show host Wendy Williams feels very strongly that it should be Phaedra Parks! Wendy lashed out at Phaedra during her show on Monday.

“Phaedra you started out to be everything that a lot of young girls want to be and that is a lawyer or at least somebody that requires a lot of education,” Wendy said. “You went from being a smart lawyer, who gave an ex-con a chance, which is forgiving, I give you a plus for that, but you’ve tumbled down to just being ratchet.”

“Phaedra I think it should be you,” Williams said of the talk of who should get the boot.

Do YOU agree with Wendy?

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52 Replies to “Should Phaedra Parks Not Return To RHOA Season 6? Wendy Williams Blasts Phaedra!”

    1. Hey! Porsha works hard every single one of those 265 a year! In comportion to the rest of the cast, I’d say that’s quite a bit! You need to check yourself, lol. That’s just malice content……;-)

      1. Phaedra needs to go. She represents nothing that girls should admire. She’s shady, and i wouldn’t trust a hair in her weave.

      1. Phay-phay is not classy. When your husband flirts in your face u take him home and give him the tongue lashing of his life. Then u put on your big girl panties and twirl. Lol.

    1. If everyone and there husband was against you. U do what ever it take to lift up your own self esteem so if your mantra is im gone with the wind fabulous, then my advise is to say it like you mean it.

  1. yep, it should be Phaedra, she’ boring until somebody has found out that she’s trying to dig up dirt or try to cut somebody out the picture when it concerns money she greedy and its time for her to take her bull crap and exit left, she boring.

  2. No, not her but Kenya is the one I cannot stand to listen to. She is not all that with 20 years of dust on her. Everyone just does not understand her or are jealous. ……NOT!

  3. No keep Kenya! It would be boring without her.
    It would be Nene and Cynthia vs the rest of the cast. Kenya is a crazy and is a good floater going on both sides. She’s not phoney.

    I agree Phaedra kinda went of the rails this season time for her to go and get some new interesting characters.

  4. Heck NO Phaedra should stay on RHOA she is a hoot like her or not she is good on the show and for the show…. If anyone should go is Kenya, but as much as I do not like her she is good for the show. With her and some of the other women on the show it makes you eather hate her or love her but she does make for a good show…

  5. first of all wendy u and nene had a falling out so dont try kissing her ass. and second who are you again? like lol we dont need ur opinion on who needs to go or stay when you have your c list talk show bye hater

    1. Now I’m beginning to wonder if Wendy Williams just can’t take all of the good competition around her, remember she is a person who has had many body issues and says that she is comfortable in her skin now, I don’t believe it for a minute. Bravo beautiful ladies: # The shapely,lovelyand funny as hell, Tall NeNe Leakes who looks much more sexy and softer than wendy in my opinion #Cynthia Bailey ,Tall,Shapely,beautiful and has a kind word for almost everybody #Phaedra Parks smart,lovely and funny in that southern belle way #Kandi Burruss, sweet and naughty, lovely, smart and making paper. Each time the public hears about these ladies that means their are others in the world besides Wendy Williams.

  6. I think Phadera should not return she acts so goody and is so two faced and I think she’s all bout the all mighty dollar and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. Give someone else a chance to come the show after all she acts like she has all these clients and is this power attorney well than she should b loaded

  7. Phaedra and her expressions, both verbal and facial are hysterical! Kenya, however, insults our intelligence by fabricating a relationship, embellishing her resume’ beyond recognition, and acting like winning a beauty contest 20 years ago makes her a historic figure. Get rid of Kenya!

  8. phaedra is constantly upping her game by going to school and starting new
    business for her family.she and kandi are great models for young women not to wait
    on others to take care of them.and they don’t spit venom and constantly curse and
    exhibit kim zolziak behavior!keep phaedra,porscha and kandi.whatever you do,don’t
    let nene talk marlo on to the show!wendy you could be nicer yourself!

  9. Hell NO !! Phaedra should stay, she’s a hoot. She’s the real deal ! Kenya on the other hand….hummmmmm where exactally is she a housewife? Oh! that’s right the b…. isn’t even married and who would want to be married to that. She is so in LOVE with herself it makes me want to throw-up. I wanna trip her every time she starts to spin.

  10. Phaedra is a respectable woman with good character. Women need to see that. Get rid of the PSYCHOPATH-Kenya! America can’t stand her!!!

  11. I’m baffled as to how this Wendy Williams person has her own show and why she thinks she’s in any position to tell people they gotta go.

    1. I know! What was that all about? Maybe she has poor ratings and her comments making headlines will cause people to connect w/her show? Who knows…

  12. Everybody knows it’s Porsha that needs to go. Kenya brings the drama, and Phaedra brings the southern sense (although sometimes it’s non-sense!)

  13. Are you kidding, Wendy? Phaedra, Kandi, and Cynthia are the most trustworthy ladies on the show! Rachet is: Kenya and Sheree! But keep them all on, the good and the bad, ’cause it’s keeping us entertained.

  14. Get rid of portia. And phay phay shocked me this season as well as candy. For ex.. candy lost money after helping kim with tardy for the party( candy was in tears everytime she mentioned to kim that she didnt give her anything from the work she did on that song). So when kenya tells her what phay-phay did, stating she wouldnt pay her for any work she did and would not even negotiate with kenya. Candy didnt care, and i was shocked i though she of all people would under stand. And phay-phay should be mad at her husband and not k cause her husband was having fun and flirting with k. Since that incident phay-phay has been playing games with k. She and candy have been mean and nasty. And portia she is rude to kenya. And what does she bring to the show nothing. This season kenya was the whole show. Did anyone else think it nasty that portia invited everyone but k to her and kordels party and then came to kenyas party as dorothy dandridge. She did not even call and say im changing my character.

    For me get rid of portia or phay-phay

    1. Kenya needs to go, after she couldnt keep Portia fighting with her the rest of the season and even on the reunion ALLL of her focus is Phaedra. Im embarassed for her she was pathetic & too needy. A 40 Plus year old woman acting like a juvenile. Where they do that at? She hasnt been able to keep a man due to her irrational behavior. Im hoping that its all acting and not really who she is. they should make her give that old title back MS. USA and give her what she really is Ms.Hot Mess, Ms. Rachett, Ms. Please be my man, Ms. shouldnt be invited to a party because she has no home training. Really attend a charity event with you butt showing, you thought you were making Phaedra look bad but it only made you look childish, immature, petty, and placed on most folks Do NOT Invite list. Andy Cohen your dedicated fans want to see real reality TV we dont want an old washed up low budget film actress trying to jump start her dead career by us. Let her go back to BET she is not BRAVO material. (dont worry im black so need to think im racist for the last comment)

  15. Wendy Williams is nothing more then a trouble starting transexual that need to get a life Nene need to talk his want to be. Rich ass somewhere

  16. Kick Kenya to the curb and ummmm isn’t Wendy Williams a man wanting to be a woman. Anybody can get a talk show these days l a hot mess Wendy snd Kenya. Keep all the ladies and send Kenya twirling back where she came from i liked Marlo i was glad when they got rid of sheree and when kim quit lol i guess since she met Kroy she didnt need the exposure from rhoa she got a falcon player

  17. Kenya and her negative, angry self needs to leave the show and think seriously about going for some help. She’s a beautiful, articulate woman with a lot of wonderful qualities. Maybe some down time will help to energize her and help her to reconnect with her positive self.

  18. Get rid of the most hated “Housewife” in America. Kenya needs to go. We’re tired of her lies and delusions. We want another housewife not a wannabe nutjob.

  19. Who the F is Wendy? I like Phaedra, I really do. I don’t believe she tried to pull up dirt on NeNe. I think NeNe thinks way too much of herself. So much so that she thinks that’s all anyone else thinks of. She is always saying people don’t want her to succeed and thinking people are jealous of her, she may be as delusional as Kenya.

    Truly, Kenya needs to go. She faked a relationship with Walter just to be eligible to be on the show. She said she wouldn’t fake it because she has a world wide stage in which to find a man, she forgets she needed Walter to get a spot on the world wide stage.

    I like Porsha. She may still have some learning to do but I believe her heart is real. I got kinda mad at her when she was calling Kenya old and stuff early in Anguilla but I forgot Kenya did treat Porsha like dirt from the start. Plus Nene egged that whole incident between those girls on that trip.

    Bye Kenya!

  20. this is incredibly stupid. nene said it because nene is the one leaving the show to star in i dream of nene. if nene is not there and you get rid of phaedra, what is there to watch? cynthia is boring as hell. so is porsha unless we get to watch a nasty divorce battle. Who is kenya going to fight with?

  21. Kenya is the Atlanta Jody Claman.

    Everybody saw in Vancouver what happens when you let the seriously psycho chick stay more than one season.

  22. Wendy Williams has no right to speak for the rest of us, when it comes to who should remain on The Housewives of Atlanta and who should leave. Cynthia Bailey has a place on the show, to keep it filled with class,grace,style and the true meaning of sisterhood and she has a good personality and sense of humor too and Phaedra Parks has a place too, to just be are little lawyer who is always up to thangs and her famous line, mmm mmm. How can Wendy a black woman herself, recommend that 2 black women be fired because she thinks they are boring and have no personality. In my little opinion they have the type of personality that I like. If Wendy is so bored with the whole show then do not watch the damn show but Oh! Then you would not have anybody to put down or pick on because after all it is your career to be the queen of mean and you do an excellent job. Leave Cynthia Bailey along and let her earn her money and talk about somebody else. Wendy, you say how much you love Wonder Woman well she would never put down womanhood the way you do, in fact you give Wonder Woman a BAD NAME!

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