Sheree Whitfield’s Son Kairo Gets Arrested


On this week’s episode of the RHOA, the women were struggling with their different issues. Sheree Whitfield’s son, Kairo, had just been arrested, and Whitfield was cleaning up the mess the day after.

“I was so upset and hurt when Kairo called me from jail last night about a DUI. I had no words to say. I needed to calm down before I talked to him about this,” Sheree told the cameras.

Kairo admitted he had smoked pot earlier in the day, but said he was actually pulled over for an expired tag. As far as Sheree was concerned, that hardly mattered. “You are not on the same playing field as a lot of other people,” she explained. “Do you understand that?”

However, Sheree’s ex, Bob, had a different take on the situation. His talk with his son began with Bob admitting he had a license to smoke marijuana. But finally, Bob got the message clear and got Kairo to promise both of them that he would make better decisions.

Continuing her mission to “Save Our Sons,” Phaedra Parks recruited Porsha Williams to attend the Democratic National Convention with her.

Phaedra discussed her divorce from Apollo, which was still not finalized because he refused to cooperate. Phaedra said she was “trying to be fair,” but also wanted it all “to be done.”

Then, headed to the convention where they attended a panel discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kenya Moore planned a birthday celebration for her younger man, Matt Jordan. She took a cake-decorating class with Cynthia. (Kenya’s plan was to give Matt a Gucci-themed cake with a real Gucci belt on the top to replace the one he had lost.) Kenya then told Cynthia that for Matt’s birthday, she was planning a couples’ ATV outing, which meant Cynthia wasn’t invited.

“You become a single lady and gain your independence, but all of a sudden your invitations are getting lost in the mail,” Cynthia told the cameras.

But it turns out, Matt didn’t show up to the party…

“We got into this silly, petty — I don’t even know if you could call it a fight,” Kenya recounted to Cynthia over the phone. Apparently, Kenya had posted a photo of herself with Jay Z from a music video she shot with him for Throwback Thursday — and Matt got really angry about it. “He just starts banging on walls, knocking stuff over, and just being silly like a little kid,” Kenya explained.

“What are we going to be arguing about when things get a little rocky?” she asked the cameras, noting that things had been going really well between them before she posted the pic. Cynthia said hopefully Matt would get over it in time for the birthday celebration, and then informed Kenya that she had made an offer on a house by a lake that she’d seen.

Matt didn’t get over it in time to celebrate his birthday. Instead, he went to California to hang with his sister. “It’s completely embarrassing,” Kenya admitted. “But I thought it would be worse just to cancel this whole event. I know how to put on a brave face.” She then went ATV-ing with a few other couples, including Kandi Burruss and Todd.

Peter Thomas stopped by to check out Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s new restaurant and ended up going Todd some pointers about keeping a strong marriage.

“I guess our workload was too much for her. She’s not built the way I am,” he began. “I love Cynthia… but after a while, people drift apart. She’s on her own track. I’m on my track.”

Todd said he sometimes wondered if he was spending too much time with Kandi.

Peter continued to speculate about why his marriage fell apart with Cynthia. “Any time they’re not in sync with their support, there’s going to be turbulence,” he said.

Mama Joyce also noticed that Kandi and Todd could use a little romance in their lives so she arranged a date night for them.

“They work so hard,” Mama Joyce explained. “At least Kandi does. Kandi is probably as rusty as a drainpipe.”

Joyce set up a romantic situation in the master bathroom with sex toys and such. “It’s kind of funny when your mom puts out your sex toys for you,” Kandi laughed.

At the very end of the episode, Phaedra got a call from her assistant at the office because there had been a bomb threat. “I’m not really sure what to do,” Phaedra admitted. Phaedra said to the camera, clearly freaked out. She told her mom to get the children and get out of the house. Then they prayed together over the phone.

Photo Credit: Bravo