Why Is Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend In Jail?

RHOA star Sheree Whitfield recently admitted that she fell in love with a man who is currently in prison. This has some fans of the show shocked and wondering what Whitfield’s man did to end up behind bars.

Sheree and Tyrone Gilliams began dating before he was sentenced to ten years in jail. According to court docs Gilliams was caught stealing no less than $5 million from a couple of victims. He spent the money on his own extravagant lifestyle.

Besides serving ten years, he was also ordered to pay back the money he stole. He apparently spent ‘more than $1 million organizing a festival called ‘Joy to the World’ that culminated in a December 18, 2010, black-tie gala at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, as well as an event in the Bahamas called the ‘Gatta be Jokin’ Comedy Jam,’’ the court documents and Celebrity Insider reveal.

Whitfield claims she was not aware of his conviction. “We stopped talking before he went to prison because he did not want to get me involved in any of that.” But she claims her man is innocent and shares they rekindled their romance.

“He is a good guy and, you know, he supports me. I can talk to him about anything. He is my best friend. He just got caught up in the wrong craziness, and hopefully he will be back soon,” she said.

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5 Replies to “Why Is Sheree Whitfield’s Boyfriend In Jail?”

  1. WOW…did she not see what happened to Phaedra? Does she not recognize a con man when she sees one? There are millions of men in this world…why…just why?

    1. Because….
      Sheree is desperate and Thirsty.
      Apparently, Therapy isn’t working out too well for her.
      If this Man, fleeced the masses, why wouldn’t he fleece Sheree?

  2. Fakedra married Apollo when he was a criminal and now Sheree hooks up with one..come on.. poor self esteem..not enough men for the age group.. too much baggage? Dunno but I’d run for the border!

  3. All those women have skeletons in their closets, probably Cynthia is the exception, NeNe was a stripper, her son, I think, was in the slammer for a short time, so she should STFU and stop the mus slinging because she’s not exactly Mother Theresa

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