Sheree Whitfield’s BFF Miss Lawrence Updates Us On How She’s Doing, Plus- Juicy Details On New Season!

Viewers were surprised and some were sad when former Real Housewife of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield revealed she wouldn’t be returning for another season of the show. In an interview with TooFab, Sheree’s BFF and long-time hairstylist, Miss Lawrence reveals, “I’m never sad when it comes to change. I think change is necessary for everyone,” he says. “The only thing that I get sad about is when people move on and they have no direction.”

“I’m not sad that Sheree is moving on. I think Sheree has her focus and she knows what she wants out of life,” he continues. “I’m excited for her and know the future holds great things for her.”

But viewers that are fans of the fabulous Miss Lawrence, don’t be too sad! Looks like he will be returning to the show with new housewife, Kenya Moore!

He reveals, “I’ve known Kenya for a while now; she was actually the first celebrity that I’ve ever did. She’s a former beauty queen, a Miss USA, and what better muse to have to showcase your work on?”

When TooFab asked Miss Lawrence what we can expect in Season 5, he dishes, “ Keep an eye out for pure drama. It’s funny because Atlanta “Housewives” is one of those shows you get the best of all worlds: you get a little bit of class, a little bit of drama, and a little bit of hood. The girls always clash, when you have too many girls with nice bodies and nice faces there’s always some cattiness that goes on but I steer clear of it. I have no beef with Porsha; she seems to be pretty nice and I like her so far.”

When asked which Housewife has changed the most, Lawrence answers, “I think the person that has changed the most is NeNe … in a good way. NeNe has definitely blossomed. NeNe has done a complete 180, She really grew into the person she was called to be: an entertainer and providing a good strong foundation for her family as a woman of color.”

And what is his take on Kim Zolciak and her spin-off series? “I’m happy for her. Her show is doing well. She’s no longer part of “Housewives.” She moved on. Kim wanted something that showcased more of just her and her family — her being a mother and a wife. You’ll see her a few times pop in and out.”

Tell Us- Will you miss Sheree? Which Housewife are you most excited to see on the new season of RHOA?

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