Shereè Whitfield

Seasons 1-4, 8-10

“Don’t call it a comeback, call it a takeover!”

“I like things that are elegant and sophisticated, just like me.”

“People are intimidated by my success.”

Sign: Capricorn

Shereé is a socialite and resident of Atlanta who effortlessly manages her packed calendar as a single mother to her three children, Kairo, Kaleigh, and Tierra. Always on the go, she is busier than ever traveling to different cities for her book-tour and is excited to see what’s next on her journey as an author.

Eager to move forward from the painful past of her first marriage, Shereé’s newfound mission is to help and encourage other women heal as well. Recently named an ambassador for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, she is excited to launch a boot camp that empowers women through healthy exercise. When she’s not touring the country promoting her novel, Shereé is passionate about revamping her clothing line SHE by Shereé, supporting her children’s dreams, and entertaining the chance of romance again.

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