What Does Sheree Whitfield Think About NeNe and Kim’s Feud?

During this week’s episode of the RHOA, Brielle Biermann’s infamous video of cockroaches was brought up at a lunch between Shereé Whitfield and Kim Zolciak-Biermann. In the video, Brielle is recording on her phone in what is allegedly NeNe Leakes’ bathroom when she captures on video a bug crawling on the floor of the room. The video, posted to Brielle’s Snapchat account last fall, has sparked intense verbal arguments between Kim and NeNe.

In a recent podcast episode, Sheree shared what she thinks about the situation and reveals whose side she is on.

“This is a tricky one,” Shereé said. “Do I feel like Brielle should have gone to NeNe’s house and recorded in the bathroom? No, I do not.”

“I know that when we invite people into our homes, you want to feel like we’re safe,” Shereé said. “You know, they’re not going to be taking pictures or take videos that you use against someone later on down the line or use against us later on down the line.”

However, Sheree believes NeNe’s response should have been different. “I think where NeNe crossed the line is where she started, you know, calling Kim racist and associating her with the KKK and things like that, which is very damaging.”

Whitfield admits “they were both in the wrong.” And she adds, “I don’t know how they will recover from this.”