What Does Sheree Whitfield Think About NeNe and Kim’s Feud?

During this week’s episode of the RHOA, Brielle Biermann’s infamous video of cockroaches was brought up at a lunch between Shereé Whitfield and Kim Zolciak-Biermann. In the video, Brielle is recording on her phone in what is allegedly NeNe Leakes’ bathroom when she captures on video a bug crawling on the floor of the room. The video, posted to Brielle’s Snapchat account last fall, has sparked intense verbal arguments between Kim and NeNe.

In a recent podcast episode, Sheree shared what she thinks about the situation and reveals whose side she is on.

“This is a tricky one,” Shereé said. “Do I feel like Brielle should have gone to NeNe’s house and recorded in the bathroom? No, I do not.”

“I know that when we invite people into our homes, you want to feel like we’re safe,” Shereé said. “You know, they’re not going to be taking pictures or take videos that you use against someone later on down the line or use against us later on down the line.”

However, Sheree believes NeNe’s response should have been different. “I think where NeNe crossed the line is where she started, you know, calling Kim racist and associating her with the KKK and things like that, which is very damaging.”

Whitfield admits “they were both in the wrong.” And she adds, “I don’t know how they will recover from this.”


9 Replies to “What Does Sheree Whitfield Think About NeNe and Kim’s Feud?”

  1. I completely agree with Sheree. In this instance, both Nene & Kim are wrong & what Brielle did was malicious.
    Now, I am a fan of both Nene & Kim. They always had a good friendship& for it to reach this is just sad.

      1. I totally agree. But wasnt Kim the one, many moons ago that said outright that she just does not see color & most all of her friends were the African Americans. All of it was unfair.

      2. Right? Whats the big deal about having a few bugs in your house? I get moths, flies, spiders and an occasional bug too. It happens…geesh.

      3. I definitely see what you mean: in this climate, it can be damaging when it is not warranted. However, Kim is no stranger to saying damaging things about people for camera time without regard to how it damages their reputation. Nene has gotten on my last nerve for at least 4 seasons now, but in no way do I believe it is a result of drug use as Kim Biermann is relentlessly trying to push as public narrative on the show and across all forms of media this season. Has Kim considered how playing that game affects Nene and her family? Leakes still actively auditions for scripted projects and host panels covered by SAG: having it out in the public arena that you are aa drug addict or crack head LITERALLY makes you uninsurable on the policies production companies/studios must take out on talent and crew to film their projects (to protect themselves against health issues, accidents, damages, production delays, etc). This woman could be considered for a role, whether it’s mainstream television or on a smaller black network like TV One or BET, and the question will then come up at the casting table as to whether she can be taken on because of rumor, and as a measure of caution, she could go right into the trash bin. There is a solid and concrete list of actors in the African American community that have been blacklisted into obscurity because of drug use, and Kim is playing a very dangerous game with Nene in that regard knowing full well it’s not true. Anybody that sees the size of the condition of her skin and size of her mack truck hips tell she’s not fallen to drugs . I agree that they are both ridiculous, but deinitely not one more than the other.

  2. Sheree is right on with this one. NeNe and Kim act like children and low class whiners. Grow the F up and move on. If you don’t like each other…stay away from each other…simple as that.

  3. I’d like to make something very clear about this whole “cockroach” debacle, because Kim’s mischaracterization is taking root just as she and Brielle intended and it’s getting on my nerves: I’d like to point out that those were NOT cockroaches in Brielle’s video and the more Kim and Brielle lie and embellish, the more they show their true colors. Anyone who lives in the deep south, coastal, and sub-tropic regions can tell you that those insects are commonly known as waterbugs/ palmetto bugs, and while they look like giant, mutant roaches that will survive the Apocalypse, they do not nest or beed inside homes. As my exterminator explained to me during my time living in Miami, they live and breed OUTSIDE, and enter homes specifically to search for food.The most common way they invade human territory is naturally via open windows, doors, and pet doors. Everyone seems to forget (or maybe not realize) that when you’re filming inside of a house, considering the cast, crew, and invited guests, there were anywhere from 20- 30 or 40 people running in and out of that woman’s house, in heat of a Georgia summer night -where those mutant bugs are outside, following the light, smell of food, and basically looking to get in on the human action. I might also add that they are aggressive jacka** insects who can fly, and are not afraid to attack if you challenge them to battle: they will fly right into your face like they’re wearing Everlast gloves and going in for a sucker punch in your face.

    The bottom line is that Nene lives in a newly built 10,000 square foot home on the premises of a country club that is absolutely pristine; securing exterminator services are clearly not a problem, especially taking into consideration that on top of the type of location she has chosen to live, and the nature and condition of her property, there is also the fact MY people (as in African American people) DETEST roaches and they have a VERY negative connotation in our culture. For someone with as big of an ego as Nene’s, I’m sure that would be two-fold. There is no way in hell, in a brand new home, 10,000 square feet that she has painstakingly curated into this blazing white hued palace with formal spaces, and not a cushion out of place – that a personality like hers would allow a bunch of roaches to be running around that house knowing that she was FILMING there, and having to open her home to so many people? Kim can spare me the bull, because I’ve seen this dance before.

    Kim and Brielle are full of it. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they lied about the type of insect, the number of insects that were seen, and how that plants a seed about public perception of the cleanliness of a black woman and whether or not she is equipped to take care of such a property as Nene has. Kim can say that she is not racist, but at the very least she is indeed elitist, and looks down on the rest of the cast ever since she “legitimized” herself by becoming the wife of an athlete. Since she married into Kroy’s money, she has only become more obnoxious, and makes pointed, consistent effort to use little “dog whistle” digs against her cast mates on camera that she knows (that while they go over the heads of the general audience) will resonate strongly in the black community because of their long established negative and damaging connotations. Kim Zolziak-Biermann is no slicker here than she was all the times she has tried to imply Leakes is a crack-head or stated directly she should be suspected of being a use;, or the time she she disrespected Kandi’s home by criticizing her choice of neighborhood and claiming that she was afraid to be there, knowing full well that while an all black neighborhood, it is home to a thriving black middle and upper middle class sector. Can’t stand her, not a fan, I think she is disingenuous and a terribly negative influence on the show this season.

    1. I never could stand Kim either, and though I am no longer watching, she repulses me more and more with the bits I see of her daughter and her continuous filthy mouth. What she is, plain and simple, is a prostitute who did well for herself by sleeping with the right men and then latching onto one and procreating like an animal to keep him. I said it. I meant it. I know she is entitled to pop out babies as much as she likes, she is married, etc., but she is the worst example of a parent from what I have seen, and as a human being, she is repulsive beyond belief. I don’t know if it is prejudice or not, but she feels she is better than everyone and most likely is envious of Nene for those roles that she has gotten in the past and has set out to destroy her. She is no one’s friend. She has to be the queen and on top of all, like they are the bugs she wants to stomp out. She would stomp out her own mother and already has, as well as Kroy’s parents. I refuse to watch her.
      I know about Palmetto bugs. I know about how the pest control companies have to come out on a regular basis for controlling the insects in the south, too. I am sure it was a random bug that got in from an open door or something. I doubt that Kim’s house has no bugs anywhere with all the traffic there too. She just wanted to make someone look bad, and she continues to open that sewer mouth of hers over and over. The fact that she ever was a nurse at any capacity, makes me sick. I could never see her taking care of anyone, except maybe a very wealthy patient, male or female….

  4. I know what you mean. None of them are saints, either, but the pot calling the kettle black is just not right.
    Kim and Porsha as the new Frick and Frack?! OMG That would be pure torture!
    Yes, what Kim did to her parents at the wedding was just the beginning of her showing her true colors. What a disrespectful piece of trash she is, and she is the worst. I could only return to watching the show after she left. I did not miss Nene either…since she was so full of herself at one point that it was just awful. Porsha always has been annoying, but she is comic relief at times, laughing at her. I really cannot believe she is that stupid, considering she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, especially.
    All of these Housewives shows just seem to be putting together random people, only some of whom may be friends, who feel they have to make up storylines to keep themselves watchable. I just cannot believe the lengths they will go to try to keep themselves popular.

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