Sheree Whitfield Talks to Children About Domestic Abuse

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams went shopping for French doors for the spa she was installing in her basement. In another part of ATL, Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore went to visit Cynthia Bailey at her lake house. Kenya got a little misty-eyed talking about her grandmother’s funeral, but insisted her husband Marc Daly was there to comfort her while dealing with the loss of her grandmother.

Cynthia told Kenya that she wanted to meet Mr. Marc and that she was angry that she hadn’t met him yet. Kenya explained to her BFF that the only reason they hadn’t met each other was that he hadn’t been in Atlanta much. Cynthia then turned the conversation to Sheree’s relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, who is currently in prison.

While Porsha wanted to meet with a Matchmaker, Cynthia went to check out Peter Thomas‘ new space, which apparently she still owns 25% of.

Before her daughter left for college, Sheree decided she was going to have the talk with her kids where she addresses the domestic violence that took place in her marriage. Her daughter said that her father, Bob, tried to talk to her about it once, but she had just driven off. Her son said he was surprised because she had never mentioned it. “You need to know that nobody deserves to be mistreated,” she said, telling her daughters that abuse is unacceptable. Even though Sheree feared this conversation, her children told her they thought of her as Wonder Woman and shared a group hug.

Kandi and Todd hung out with Cynthia and her new man Will, who also knows Peter. Porsha was mortified by her first date. And as it turns out, Sheree is also in love with someone new.

Sheree’s boyfriend called her in the middle of a session with her life coach, she took the call on-camera. Sheree told her life coach that she “didn’t give a sh*t” about women talking about her and insisted that she loves her new man. The life coach asked if this was a fantasy for Whitfield. Sheree said it wasn’t. “Tyrone fulfills me more than any man has,” Sheree said to the camera. “I know what we share,” she told the life coach. “He is my soul mate.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo