Sheree Whitfield Reveals Chateau Sheree Is Almost Complete


Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Sheree Whitfield is back for season nine as a full-time Housewife, and she is still at war with Kenya Moore over Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor. As the premiere is November 6th on Bravo, Whitfield is giving us a tour of her almost finished home, for those who thought she would never complete Chateau Sheree.

“We are at Chateau Sheree. All the non-believers, here we go. Chateau Sheree does exist. I’m getting my landscaping together,” she shared. “I’m doing a lot of work on the inside. I mean, seriously, when you have 100,000-square feet it takes time. I know you guys are excited, I’m excited, too. Come on in!” she said, before saying, “Sike!”

Looks like we will have to tune into the new season of RHOA to get the entire preview of Sheree’s new house.

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24 Replies to “Sheree Whitfield Reveals Chateau Sheree Is Almost Complete”

    1. I don’t believe it’s that big, going by the size of mine hers is a ridiculous size! Maybe she meant 10,000 which sounds a bit more likely.

      1. Yes, that has to be a mistake. Mohammed Hadid’s home on his estate is 55,000 sq. feet. And that is huge. We’ve all seen the photos of Sherree’s house standing on the lot itself, it would take up the entire block if that was correct. And, I wish so much these ladies would wear clothing suited to their age and figure’s. I know it’s hot and humid in Atlanta, but PLEASE!!!

    2. I just did a bit of checking, Highclere Castle, where they filmed Downton Abbey is 30,000 sq feet. It has 300 rooms. Is Sheree trying to say her house is more than three times the size of Highclere, has she got around 1000 rooms? If she is I would say there are a lot of pink flying pigs over Atlanta right now.

      1. LOL, good point Suze. She must have meant 10K sq ft. To change the subject I Loved, Loved Downton Abbey. Just hate it’s off the air. 🙁

        1. He is still talks for another season but he would need to write it first! I have heard he has something similar in the pipeline but who knows! Downton was brilliant and was as popular here in UK as in USA.

          1. Downton was so fabulous, it will become a classic. The clothes alone made it worth watching. But it really was a wonderful show. The Servant’s Ball, and having an orchestra right in the ballroom, wow! Of course, that was the night Mathew asked Mary to marry him. What a scene, with her red dress, and the snow falling, they really did romance right. In my mind, it’s right up there with “North & South” with Genie Francis.

  1. Hahahaha all your comments are right on! 100,000 sq ft LOL Girrrl you got one whackadoodle tape measure HAHAHA

  2. Now she needs a butler, kitchen staff, a housekeeper and a maids…and a title…Sheree Whitfield, Countess of Buckhead

    LMAO !!

    1. I hope you know how insulting a nation of people is wrong on so many levels.
      There are so many law abiding citizens in the United States who are paying their taxes and are not like NeNe or Teresa Giudice. I am one of them.
      These people are an embarrassment. I am sure you have a few embarrassments in the UK as well. These idiots on TV…many of them are, but not all, of course, are, sadly, what makes entertaining reality TV. I am not saying NeNe is an idiot. She is not smart by not paying her taxes, and it seems to be a trend among a few of these reality stars. They want to live beyond their means a lot of the time. It would be nice if everyone paid their taxes, but it may be too easy for some to get by without doing so, especially those who get paid in cash at any time. We would all be able to live a nicer lifestyle if we did not have to deduct taxes, but it is illegal.

        1. Now, I stand by my not attacking a nation comment, though I was writing on a Sheree comment and not the NeNe one…so my error. I don’t watch this show. I don’t watch Sheree. I don’t understand her at all. She may have just gotten used to being married to a high paid sports pro, and then when it ended, she felt the need to somehow show him that she is doing better without him…perhaps. I don’t know a thing about her, really. She just seems obsessed with this structure…for a long time.

        1. Now let’s talk politics, the religion, and then let’s attack each other. ROFLMAO
          FYI I have disliked Trump since many years ago in Atlantic City NJ where I knew people affected by his casino bankruptcies. Then he attacked my husband with his vicious words when he was on duty and had to break the news to Trump that his employees did not survive in a helicopter crash in his helicopter. The A hole (Trump) said, “And just what gives you the authority…”
          My husband had to deal with him on more than one occasion. My in-laws met him too. He is a nasty, arrogant…and I won’t go on, because I would be as low as he is if I did. I just do not respect the man. He is disrespectful and full of himself, and when I think of this country in his hands, I shudder.
          I honestly do not want to vote in this election unless Trump is out. I don’t think either candidate is honest enough or fit enoug for the presidency, and they are an embarrassment.
          Now Madam Frou-Frou, I don’t know what makes you jump to politics because I don’t like being attacked as an American. I am American and born here. I voted in every major election up until now. I know we are a nation of immigrants. My own mother was an immigrant.
          This country is a melting pot of so many, and it makes us a better place as a result. No one should attack an entire religion, a nation of people, a race, etc., just for the actions of a few IMO. This may be a site for housewives, but some of what I see here is appalling. It is like children being bullied at times, and there is no excuse for it. Thankfully, most here are respectful of others’ opinions and even if we disagree, we don’t attack.

          1. Real Sandy♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for speaking on my behalf here as well. Smart woman that you are. xoxo

            Madame Frou Frou, no bueno. Please don’t. We’re better than that here. 😉

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