Sheree Whitfield Returning To TV & Why She Left RHOA!

Sheree Whitfield certainly made a name for herself on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Known for the infamous, “Who gon’ check me boo?” scene, viewers were a bit surprised when they learned Sheree wasn’t returning for Season 5. Now, Whitfield is telling US Weekly why she decided to leave the show.

“I don’t miss the fighting, the long hours… I really don’t miss anything,” Sheree tells US Weekly. And her rival NeNe doesn’t miss her either. NeNe says, “Sheree does not do the show any justice.” When asked what made her decide to leave the show, Sheree responded, “Shooting a reality show was draining. I needed to take a step back.”

Sheree isn’t watching the new Season of RHOA either. “I’ve been so busy, I don’t have a chance.” she tells the mag. When asked if she would ever return to the show, Sheree insists, “Of course not. Been there, done that.”

So what is Sheree up to? “I’m relaunching She By Sheree as a fitness apparel line. And I’m developing a TV show similar to Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. You will get to go behind the scenes as I launch my line, and peek into my personal life. I’m in talks with networks- everyone wants to see me back on TV.” Sheree explains to US.

Tell Us- Will you watch Sheree’s new show?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Credit: US Weekly 



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  • Sheree is not interesting to watch. I will not be watching her show

  • Ahibs

    This is hilarious! IDK anybody that even mildly cares that she is no longer on the show! Kenya is beautiful and interesting to watch; crazy, but beautiful and interesting lol. LOVE THE NEW SEASON!!

  • Renae

    Is Sheree living in a fantasy/dream world???? NO ONE wants to see her back on TV…NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE!!! Did I say NO ONE??? NO ONE really cares boo. I just stumbled across this site by mistake and had to make an honest comment. She is an extremely boring, monotoned one note voice and simply she’s not interesting. She’s also a person that refuses to look at herself truthfully and can not take constructive criticism on any level. I pray no one picks up her little TV deal because it will really be a waste of money and she didn’t take a step back from the reality show… (again living in a dream world). She was not asked to return. NeNe Leaks said it very clearly on a reunion show to point out that the people at Bravo found her boring and the She by Sheree fashion line is a real joke. A wanna be fashion designer that can not draw, sew or create one thing. NO ONE wants to see her or anything about her life. Wake up and smell the taste of reality.

  • RJP

    I am curious to know who writes these articles? The facts are always wrong and the grammar is terrible. Sheree went after Kim with the wig pulling in Season 2 not 3. Also in the first paragraph where it states about viewers being surprised..its when not win. I think if people are going to post about show and educate us on things maybe the articles should be true and also proof read.

    • AllThingsRH

      Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. They’ve been corrected. Good thing we are all human.